Impressive Rustic-Modern Wine Rooms

This is the entire view of the modern wine room from the living area. Do you see how it’s such a work of art?

We recently built a striking modern wine room with our partners Wine Cellar Specialist, a team behind some of the most unique wine cellars in the country. An eye-catching contemporary wine room that would serve as the living room’s centerpiece was the goal for this project, and we made sure the facility was complete with the right equipment and functional design for the wine storage. If you’re looking for inspiration and wine cellar design ideas for your Central City, Encanto, Midtown, Desert View, Camelback East, or Paradise Valley home, you may find lots of interesting insights from this project. Continue reading!  

What Makes This Modern Wine Room Distinsetct?  

Wine rooms come in many shapes and sizes. With years of experience in the wine cellar construction industry, our team at Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix has gained more than enough knowledge, skill, and experience to create custom wine cellars and how to design every single project distinctly from the rest. With the ever-changing times, trends and preferences also transition, so we need to keep up with emerging technologies and techniques to deliver exactly what our clients want — that’s our commitment to you.  

For this particular project, a lot of meticulous planning had to be done, especially on how to make it effortlessly blend with the living room. Having the wine cellar within the living room meant it was open for everyone to see (no guest could miss it). We had to ensure its aesthetics was on point without compromising the functional integrity of the cellar.  

High-reveals help owners locate particular bottles, so we added ribbon lights to illuminate this section of the racking.

Is A Contemporary Design Same as a Modern Wine Cellar Design?  

For people to truly appreciate the design of a space, the style elements must be coordinated. When we talk of traditional, rustic wine cellars, everything is built from natural materials like wood. On the other hand, when we talk of modern wine closets, we can expect that everything is made from metal or glass.  

With contemporary wine cellars, the style here is a more of a balance between traditional and modern elements. Wood, metal, and glass are combined to create a unique style.  

The Rustic Side 

To build the rustic side of this contemporary wine room, wood was used for the wine racks and floor. Wood is our go-to material to create a warm, cozy, and inviting ambiance. There are different species of wood we can use, but to create a contrast with the colors of the living room, we decided to go with unfinished mahogany. Unfinished means we didn’t add any stain or coat the wood with wax or lacquer. Off-white wooden wine racks also preserve the neutral and bright color palette of the entire living room.  

A modern wine room deserves stylish, modern wine cellar lighting.

While there are different varieties of wood we can use to make wine racks and flooring, the selection is not as broad as making typical furniture. This is because the wood inside wine cellars must hold well against moisture, mildew, and humidity. Wine cellars need to be kept at a humidity between 50%-70% and a temperature between 55-77 degrees F. Some species of wood may be unable to maintain their state in that climate. In addition, some species of wood emit natural fumes that may be toxic for your wine and the people going inside your wine cellar. This is one of the many reasons why we cannot stress more how working with a wine cellar specialist is important rather than just hiring a general contractor.  


For the bottle compartments, we combined different configurations to create an entirely custom-made rack. We threw in diamond bins, cubbies for crates, horizontal racks, stackable 750s, and a decanting space with a solid arch. To add a dramatic feel to the space, we ran LED ribbon lights to selected areas of this residential wooden wine rack and a simple ceiling-mounted lamp to illuminate the upper areas.  

This modern wine room’s metal wine pegs have rubber o-rings that keep the bottles in place.

Transitioning to the Modern Side 

Wood was the most abundant material in this modern wine room. To complete our contemporary look, we added some metal ornaments above the racks, installed two columns of dual-deep metal wine pegs on one corner, and used a stainless steel-framed glass door. Our glass wine cellar door is always tempered and completely sealed on all edges to prevent air from quickly flowing in and out of the cellar.  Remember that the climate inside wine cellars needs to be controlled for optimum wine preservation.  

Speaking of climate control, it’s also essential to utilize a wine cellar cooling system that could efficiently deliver the cooling requirements of your wine cellar. Every wine cellar has a different cooling requirement because it’s influenced by the shape, size, distance from direct heat, materials used, and more. Our team always conducts a heat load calculation first to determine this. Based on our assessment, we decided that the WhisperKOOL ductless split-system cooling unit was best for this space. In this setup, we placed the condenser outdoors and mounted the evaporator on the ceiling concealed behind a vent. Split systems are great if you don’t want your AC protruding inside your wine cellar or if you have a small wine cellar.  

These are the grills concealing this modern wine room’s evaporator.

Work With Only the Best in Custom-Built Rustic-Modern Wine Cellars! 

At Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, we maintain strict standards with the wine cellar we build. We work hard to bring the very best for our clients every time, and we always make sure the design resonates with you and your Phoenix home. You can count on Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix for all wine cellar needs like a one-stop shop! Traditional, eclectic, or modern wine cellars — you name it, and we build it! Contact us at +1 (480) 409 – 114, and we’d be happy to give you a 3D drawing of the metal or wood wine rack design you want for free!