Residential Wooden Wine Racks for Minimalist Phoenix Home Wine Rooms

Residential wooden wine racks can either be ready-made, pre-fabricated, customized, or constructed on-site. Depending on your space, location, and budget, the Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix team would be happy to help you select the most suitable wine racking option. In addition, no matter the design of your rack, we always utilize excellent quality hardwood, so it lasts for a long time, especially since wood is more susceptible to deterioration than metal or acrylic. 

In this photo, you can see the high reveal row we incorporated into the mid-section of this residential wooden wine rack.

In this article, we show you an example of a finished project we did with our gang at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. The owner wanted a simple wine cellar without all the embellishments, etchings, and dramatic displays. So, we brought in a wall-mounted, custom-made wooden wine rack that allowed him to recognize each bottle easily.   

This design could easily be applied in your home no matter the size of the room. Whether you’re living in Encanto, Mountain Park Ranch, Tramonto, The Foot Hills, Redmore, Biltmore, Desert Hills, Pyle Estates, and other beautiful communities in Phoenix, our team is there to help you out. Continue reading this article to learn more! 

Smooth Residential Wooden Wine Racks for 500 Bottles 

Wooden wine racks aren’t just built from any kind of wood. The climate inside an ideal wine cellar is cold and humid, which could cause ordinary wood to warp or grow molds.  In addition, since wine racks carry so much weight (imagine 2.65lbs x 500 bottles), you want to ensure it’s strong enough and is far from being brittle.   

For wooden wine racks, be it for residential or commercial, you can choose from various hardwoods, including Redwood, Pine, Oak, Alder, Walnut, Mahogany, and more. These varieties basically differ in their color, grain patterns, ability to absorb stain or polish, and softness/hardness. We always recommend finalizing the look you want to achieve for your wine cellar first before deciding on the type of wood.  When planning, you also have to consider what types of wines you have and how to best organize them.

Look how the wood grains provide additional aesthetic to this residential wooden wine rack.

For this wine cellar, we opted to use light-colored wood. As you’ll see in the photos, the room has no windows, so it’s naturally dark.  Putting in dark-colored wood will make it a bit difficult to see inside, especially since we can’t install bright, artificial light.  

Design-wise, we opted for single-deep standard 750 racks with one row of high reveals in the middle.  The standard 750 configuration is a space-savvy design that does not compromise style, so this was a perfect choice for this minimalist wine room.  We also built the racks from floor to ceiling (well, almost to the ceiling), so the owner can maximize the space. While you can buy pre-fabricated wine racks in the market, we always recommend having one customized so it can perfectly fit the dimensions of your space. From experience also, we found that the majority of homeowners actually spend less when they customize instead of buying ready-made racks.   

Powerful Split-System Cooling Unit for Wine Cellars 

This residential wooden wine rack frames the WhisperKOOL evaporator unit.

Unlike other rooms in your house, it is imperative that your wine cellar remains cool and humid all year round.  Advisably, the temperature, and humidity should be set between 45°F – 60°F and 50% – 70% RH, respectively. Apart from bringing in a durable and powerful wine cellar cooling system, periodic maintenance of the cooling unit is also essential. We had one client who kept on foregoing maintenance work because he was always out of town.  That caused the wine cellar to be warmer than recommended, placing his expensive wine collection at risk.  

In addition, if you’re wine cellar is situated in the middle of your Phoenix home with no external walls, a split-system cooling unit would be your best option — like this WhisperKOOL Platinum Split Wine Cooling System. The WhisperKOOL Platinum Split is a ductless cooling system that allows you to easily install the evaporator and condenser at any distance you like. Ductless systems are also great if you don’t have that much space in your ceiling. The great thing about customizing wooden wine cellar racks is that we can build them around protruding evaporator units like what you see in this wine room. 

Robust Custom Glass Wine Cellar Door 

Another interesting piece we incorporated into this simple wine cellar is the glass door.  Since the room was small — meaning temperatures could quickly fluctuate if there was constant contact with the outside air — we opted to bring in a glass door so people could easily see what’s inside without opening the door. There are so many types of wine cellar doors, and you can also have them customized. Other glass doors have metal etchings on them for that added aesthetic, but here we opted for a really simple design. The wooden door frame is also specially-engineered, so it doesn’t warp, especially since it’s exposed to cool temperatures inside and hot/warm temperatures on the other side.  

A residential wooden wine rack and wood-glass doors are the perfect combination for contemporary wine cellars.

In addition, we made sure that the door frame fits well with the door jamb for minimal air exchange. This ensures that warm air from outside doesn’t enter the wine cellar.   

Get Your Residential Wooden Wine Racks Designed by the Best in Phoenix — Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix! 

While the design is important in a wine cellar, a lot of science and engineering goes with building it. Because, again, the climate inside has to be maintained at a certain level so your wine is successfully protected and preserved. If you want a well-functioning wine room with beautiful residential wooden wine racks, Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix can produce design options for you and build your entire wine room expertly.   

We’re not general contractors, and we specialize in wine cellars. With Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, your money and time are never wasted because we know exactly how to design and build legit wine cellars that add value to your Phoenix home. Again, whether you’re living in Encanto, Mountain Park Ranch, Tramonto, The Foot Hills, Redmore, Biltmore, Desert Hills, Pyle Estates, and other beautiful communities within Phoenix, CWC Phoenix is there.  

Contact us today at +1 (480) 409 – 1114, and we’d be happy to create a 3D drawing of your residential wooden wine racks and your entire wine cellar!