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Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix: Who We Are

Amy Denes, Lead Wine Cellar Designer in Custom Wine Cellar Phoenix

Our team understands the importance of providing a safe storage solution for your wine collection. We’ve completed custom wine cellars all over Arizona and surrounding areas. We are passionate about the wine rack industry and can help anyone in the Phoenix area complete their dream cellar project.

Meet Amy Denes, our Lead Wine Cellar Designer

Amy Denes has worked in Real Estate, Construction, and Design for over 15 years. Her love for wine, design, and helping people makes her great at turning our clients’ visions into reality. Born and raised in Southern CA, she enjoys the beach and hiking with her two daughters. She admires the desert and the mountains equally.

Amy has established a career in the real estate industry for over 20 years. With a passion for architectural and interior design, she found Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix the perfect fit. As an artist who enjoys painting and restoring old furniture, she confidently creates aesthetically pleasing and functional designs.

Regarding design preferences, she prefers modern and contemporary aesthetics with a warm touch. She takes pride in blending traditional elements with modern design, giving clients a unique and updated look that honors the tradition of wine cellars. She is working on a Newport Coast wine wall that features stone, wood, and metal elements. It’s going to be cool!

Additionally, Amy finds it very helpful when clients share inspirational pictures they’ve found. Those are very helpful when discussing their preferred style, as well as the materials and number of bottles they want to accommodate. She considers the space’s location and the client’s home, which will affect the cooling system. The more information they have, the better. Yet, she is always happy to walk her clients through every step of the design process to find the best solution for their dream custom wine cellar.

Connect with Amy today by calling (480) 409-1114 or filling out your request for a free 3D wine cellar design!

Wine Cellar Design and Installation Process

When you do, our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions and begin exploring different designs, wine cellar racks, cooling, and wine storage solutions within your budget.

What Wine Cellar Products Do We Offer?

Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix is a full-service builder and has completed projects of all sizes for all kinds of customers.

A recent favorite was a large custom wine-racking project. It was a rectangle-shaped cellar that offered pegs, backer boards, and walnut alder bins with a custom stain on the bottom, and it turned out beautifully.

Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix offers a complete line of manufactured wine racking systems and custom racking for any size project. We also carry an extensive array of wine cellar refrigeration systems, wine cabinets, wood and glass cellar doors, and flooring products.

We’re ready to help you, whether your project is residential or commercial, whether your style is traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between; our designers can make your wine cellar dreams a reality.

Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix offers:

Wine Racks – Custom and Prefabricated

About Wine Racks. For those with a bold contemporary style, we offer VintageView Metal Wine Racks that are unique and visually appealing. Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix offers stained and unstained pine, redwood, and mahogany racks if you prefer wood wine racks.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration

About Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems. With our wealth of experience designing and building wine storage systems, we have become experts in temperature and humidity management. We work very hard to follow wine storage best practices and will build refrigeration systems that will keep your prized collection safe for years.

Wine Cellar Doors

Wine cellar doors are an important aesthetic feature of the room, but they are even more important for the safe storage of wine. A wine cellar door must seal the room, keeping the temperature and humidity steady to avoid spoiling your wine cellar collection.
Wine cellar doors come in a variety of materials and styles.

Many residential cellars in Phoenix feature traditional custom wood doors, while commercial spaces use modern glass doors. Whatever your preference, at Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, we can create the perfect custom wine cellar door for your needs.

Wine Cellar Flooring

About Wine Cellar Flooring. Whether you want to go green and use eco-friendly reclaimed wine barrel flooring or you’d like to use tile, wood, or stone, Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix has a wide selection of flooring options.

Wine Cellar Gallery

Click on this image to go to our wine cellar gallery, where you can see beautiful examples of wine cellars designed and built by us and our partners nationwide. If you see anything you like, call and let us know what you’re looking at. We’re excited to get started on your design!