The Beauty of IronWine Cellars’ Cable Wine Racks

Going for modern wine racks is essential when building a modern or contemporary wine cellar inside your home, restaurant, or hotel. There are modern wine racks made of steel rods and metal pegs that are wall-mounted, and there are also cable wine racks like IronWine Cellars’ where both ends are mounted onto the floor and ceiling. In this article, we’ll take you through the components and installation guidelines of IronWine Cellars’ sleek cable wine racks and some examples of our finished projects with it!

The Benefits of IronWine Cellars’ Cable Wine Racks

If this is your first time reading about cable wine cellar racking, they’re basically cables made from superior-quality stainless steel that are attached to form a vertical chain that carries the wine bottles. Cable racks are highly sought-after because of their resulting display — a collection of wine bottles that seem to float in midair!

This is how wine bottles are stored within IronWine Cellars’ modern cable wine racks.

IronWine Cellars has always made wine cellar racks that are well-turned-out and functional. While cable racks look great and futuristic, there’s more to their style than just aesthetic appeal. Since cable racks are relatively thinner than traditional wooden wine racks, they welcome better air distribution and flow around each bottle. Every part of a bottle is then exposed to cool air more evenly than when placed in wine racks with a thicker frame.

Heavy Duty Cables Racks for Different Wine Sizes

While the cables have a thin build, they’re strong enough to hold 24, fully-filled bottles. If you store 750mls in one row, that’s about 180 liters of wine! If you store magnum bottles in one row, that is more or less equal to the weight that thick storage units (like wooden wine racks) can carry!

Moreover, this style of wine racking is more versatile compared to cabinets. Since tension sets are packaged individually, cables can be gradually added side-by-side as you grow your wine collection. Installation is also onsite which means the cable’s orientation can be easily modified if you want to switch between a label-forward display and a cork-forward display.

Here, you can clearly see that the cables or tensions are only secured at the top and the bottom.


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IronWine Cellars’ cable racks can be installed with the help of professional wine cellar builders. If you’re interested, you can contact IronWine Cellars directly or talk to us at Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix! Our team is available at +1 (480) 409 – 1114.