Custom Cooling Systems are Ideal for Small Wine Cabinets

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Four custom wine cabinets in Phoenix, Arizona needed a customized refrigeration system set up. Arctic Metalworks Inc. had a team of HVAC technicians installs a ducted split-type cooling system.

Wine cellars vary in storage requirements. The cooling system needed in one cellar, for example, is not necessarily suitable for another. A set of wine cabinets in a home in Phoenix had unique needs. There was limited space to vent air in and out of the cabinets, so the technicians had to find HVAC equipment that would allow them to use ducting that is smaller than the standard size. The cooling specialists from Arctic Metalworks Inc. customized the refrigeration system setup, in order to meet the distinctive requirements of the client’s wine storage space. 

HVAC System Installation Project in Phoenix, Arizona

Arctic Metalworks Inc. recently installed a cooling system for a residential wine storage space in Phoenix, Arizona. The client in this project had four cabinets that were enclosed with glass doors. These cabinets had very limited space for standard ducting to be installed above, and in between the floors. The challenge for our team of HVAC technicians was to set up a refrigeration system that could adequately and equally cool the four cabinets at a higher pressure, using a narrower-sized ducting.

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David Gype, the owner of Arctic Metalworks Inc., is showing us the location of the cooling system installation project.

Customized Wine Cabinet Refrigeration System Setup 

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The four wine cabinets were sealed by glass doors. There was a very limited space to vent air in and out of the storage area. The HVAC technicians had to find a cooling unit that would allow them to use ducting that is smaller than the standard size.

To provide the needed cooling for the client’s cabinets, our technicians needed to use a ducting system that is smaller than usual. They also had to find equipment that would allow us to utilize small ducts. Our experts, together with the client, decided to install a Unico High-Pressure cooling unit.

Ducted Split System Cooling Configuration

The refrigeration unit was placed in a mechanical room. Cool air was ducted into the storage structure, while warm air was ducted out. This configuration was the most efficient way to provide the cabinets with the ideal wine storage temperature amid their limited space.

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A ducted split-type cooling system means that the HVAC equipment was installed in a separate area from the wine storage structure. This was the mechanical room where the refrigeration unit was placed. Cool air was ducted from this room to the custom wine cabinets.

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Each of the four cabinets had two ducts assigned to them. One of their two conduits is called a supply, while the other is a return.

Special-Sized Ducting Utilized

With the Unico HVAC equipment, our team was able to use two-inch ducting. They set up two ducts per cabinet, which is a total of eight conduits. Each pair had a supply and a return. The supply ducts brought cool air into the cabinets. The return conduits, on the other hand, took warm air out of the storage space and into a separate room.

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Two-inch ducting was used in this refrigeration system installation project. The size of the ducts is smaller than the standard. This customized setup was necessary to meet the client’s unique storage needs.

The chosen refrigeration equipment uses a high-pressure forced-air system to provide cool air through the small ducting.

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The Unico High Pressure cooling unit was the chosen equipment for this installation project. This refrigeration unit allowed the technicians to utilize extra thin ducts.

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A total of eight two-inch ducts were used in this project. Each cabinet had one duct supplying cool air and another to vent out warm air.

Cooling System Accessories Added

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A thermostat was installed in the mechanical room. This accessory controls the temperature inside the custom cabinets so that the wine bottles are consistently kept in the ideal conditions.

A thermostat was installed on the wall. It was set to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the appropriate coolness needed by wines to be protected from spoilage.

A remote sensor was also placed in the cabinets. This device was added to make sure that the temperature is consistently kept at the ideal levels.

HVAC Experts Ready to Meet Your Individual Wine Storage Needs

Wine cellars and cabinets vary in storage requirements. No matter how challenging your needs are, the refrigeration specialists need to be experienced with wine storage cooling to find ways to meet them. Be sure to work with a builder in your area and an HVAC specialist like Arctic Metalworks Inc. with special experience and knowledge in designing split wine cellar cooling systems.

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