Arizona Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Buying Tips

Critical Systems – The Cooling Unit in Your Wine Cellar Should Not Be Seen Or Heard

One of the vital components of your Arizona wine cellar that will make or break the quality of your wine is the wine cellar cooling unit. Whether your wine cellar is for residential or commercial use, a wine cellar cooling system must be installed in it.

Temperature and humidity are two factors that greatly affect the proper aging of wine. The temperature of your cellar should be maintained at around 55°F.

Too high of humidity level inside your Arizona wine cellar should also be avoided because it might cause the production of mold. A too-low humidity level, on the other hand, may eventually cause the corks to become brittle and break.

Thus, constant temperature and humidity are a must and can be achieved by having a controlled environment for wines. An efficient wine cellar refrigeration system is the key to achieving these.

Tips to Remember When Purchasing a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Before purchasing a wine cellar cooling unit in your nearest store or online, here are pieces of information that may help you decide which type to choose. Let us try to answer the commonly asked questions about wine cellar cooling units.

1) Is a wine cellar cooling unit needed in your wine cellar?

Getting a vapor barrier installed correctly is part of the cooling system’s installation

As mentioned above, it is an important part of a wine cellar because it maintains the correct amount of temperature and provides the proper humid environment for the wines. A common air conditioning unit that we usually use in rooms in our house is different than the ones specifically designed for wine cellars. Thus, such air conditioning units are not advised to be used as an alternative.

2) What are the things that I have to prepare prior to installing a wine cellar cooling unit?

A vapor barrier should be constructed in the flooring of your cellar and on the walls to prevent condensation. Your wine cellar must also be fully insulated before a wine cellar cooling unit is installed. There should be no air-filled cavities to prevent your cooling equipment from working too hard.

The walls in a wine cellar must be insulated with at least an R-19 value.  The ceilings should be insulated with a higher R-value (R-30). Fiberglass batting is commonly used when insulating the walls.

3) What are the kinds of wine cellar cooling units?

There are three kinds of cooling units available on the market: self-contained, split system, and fully ducted.

a. Self-contained cooling units are also called through the wall cooling units. This type of cooling unit is directly mounted, as the term implies, through the wall of your wine cellar. This is the most convenient type among the three kinds. It has an evaporator and compressor in one unit. The downside of it is that the compressor may be a bit noisy.

There are three main types of wine cellar cooling systems, ducted, ductless, and self-contained. Each has its merits.

b. The split system is divided into two parts. The evaporator and the condenser are separated. The evaporator is placed inside the cellar while the condenser is placed outside where the noise and heat can dissipate.

c. The fully-ducted wine refrigeration system is a type of system that does not need to be near the wine cellar. Through the use of a duct, the cold and warm air can pass through.

This kind of cooling unit is convenient for people who want to store a lot of wines in their cellar thereby maximizing their wine storage space.

4) What are the trusted brands of wine cellar cooling units?

There are many brands known in the market that offer different kinds and models of wine cellar cooling units designed to suit different needs and budgets.

Ask Rachel for advice on your cooling unit

Some of the leading brands are WhisperKool, Cellarpro, Wine Guardian, and Breezaire.

You can research these brands to get a good grasp of the products and services they offer. This way, you will know what kind of cooling unit appeals to your budget and requirements.

5) Can I install the cooling unit myself?

We advise you to seek the assistance of a licensed professional to install the unit. Though the self-contained type of cooling unit can be installed without professional help, it is still best to leave the task to the Arizona wine cellar experts.

These are only some of the tips that you need to know prior to purchasing your wine cellar cooling unit. Remember that the quality of wine depends greatly on the wine cellar refrigeration system installed in your wine cellar.

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