An Artistic Take on Modern Glass Wine Cellars in Clearwater Hills, Phoenix

Incredible modern glass wine cellars like this one can be good conversation-starters when you have guests over.

One thing that’s great about modern glass wine cellars is that they’re very versatile and can look great in any contemporary space. They’re striking, show-stopping, and timeless at the same time. Custom wine cellars come in many shapes and sizes, and in this article, we want to feature this awesome wine closet found inside a stunning Clearwater Hills home. Learn more about this wine closet project and be inspired to start working on yours too!  

Ultra-Modern Glass Wine Cellars as Exhibits 

Custom modern wine cellars are built with different goals in mind. Some homeowners want to prioritize storage capacity, while others consider the design and look more important. For this client, he wanted to install a transparent glass wine closet in the middle of the living room to serve as one of the decorative. He contacted Steve Pantalemon, an expert wine cellar specialist, to help make his vision come true.  

Steve and his team at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars are gurus when it comes to planning, constructing, maintaining, and repairing wine storage spaces. Every detail you’ll learn about this wine cellar was carefully thought of, so the design was precisely what the owner wanted without compromising the real function of wine closets — to preserve the wines. The owner then has the option to store his wines inside or just display empty bottles for the purpose of design. Either way, Steve made sure the closet was ready!  

A Leading Custom Wine Cellar Designer Built This in Clearwater Hills 

The Coastal Custom Wine Cellars team has built plenty of modern glass wine cellars through the years and across the country. Every custom wine cellar they work on is designed to meet the client’s wants and needs, ultimately giving them a fascinating wine cellar with advanced wine-preserving solutions.  

The client here was pleased with the results. He invested in a living room centerpiece that was unlike any other, and Steve did not disappoint. To produce this extraordinary design, the team demolished an existing pillar to make space for the glass wine closet. It did stand with an adjacent pillar to help stabilize it and house the coils of the wine cellar cooling system. They also put in an excellent insulation plan in place where they used spray foam insulation, 0.5″-thick glass, and U-channels to ensure temperature and humidity levels remain stable at the optimum range for wines.  

What Makes This Custom Glass Wine Cellar a Spectacle?

Besides its minimalist and uncluttered look, this modern glass wine storage unit features parts particularly innovated for this wine cellar. From the lighting to the racks and enclosure, everything was custom-built to make this space a standout.  

The Use of Acrylic Light Panels  

Wine cellar lights also come in a variety of shapes. Larger wine cellars commonly accommodate chandeliers, while smaller, minimalist wine closets go with simple puck lights and LED sconces. For this modern glass wine cellar, the crew decided to install the lighting at the base and the ceiling of the cellar. If you look closely at the pictures, you can see that light originates from the bottom and the top.  

Here’s an upclose shot of the LED panel in this modern glass wine cellar. You can see that the tension sets are also anchored onto the panel.

These are LED light panels that the crew custom-built to fit the size of this wine cellar. This technology consists of an LED panel installed behind a ¾” acrylic board. The acrylic board helps diffuse the light in an exquisite way so that they’re not too bright and gleaming for the space.  

You can apply this kind of lighting in different ways too. You can have the team fabricate a larger LED board to use as a wall or create several square panels to serve as shelves. Either way, this kind of light board is durable and thick enough to hold heavy wines and spirits.  

Contemporary Cable Wine Racks for Modern Glass Wine Cellars 

Cable wine racks provide an exceptional opportunity to showcase your wines. They’re not something you see daily, especially since they’re only commonly applied to modern wine cellars. We’re not saying they would look bad in a wooden or natural-stone-washed wine cellar, though! In fact, cable wine rack systems are quite versatile, look-wise, and flexible in terms of how they can be arranged in a space. You can buy them pre-made (the entire system is assembled in the factory based on your specs) or have the parts shipped individually so you can assemble the cables on your own.  

As you can see in the photos, cable wine racks make the bottles appear as if they are floating. From a distance, this looks impressive and can make any head turn every time. For a small glass wine cellar that seems narrow and cramped, this modern wine closet actually has room for 86 standard-sized bottles!  

Cable wine racks look the best inside modern glass wine cellars.

Glass Enclosure and Mirrored Wall 

This contemporary glass wine cellar is sealed with 1/2″ tempered glass panels on three sides. The fourth side is the pillar that houses the wine cooling unit, and the team clad it with a mirror so it matches the glass theme. The mirror was also a great addition since it made the cellar appear bigger than it was.  

Tempered glass is necessary for all glass wine cellars since it prevents condensation. As you can imagine, temperatures in wine cellars are relatively cooler than ambient temperatures, and normal glass panels wouldn’t stand a chance between these temperature differences. Hence the tempered glass. The insulation capabilities of tempered glass work hand-in-hand with the spray foam application and cooling system to maintain the humidity and temperature of the wine cellar.  

Heavy-Duty Wine Cellar Cooling System and Insulation 

Speaking of cooling systems, the team installed a CVT cooling unit from US Cellar Systems — one of the industry’s most trusted wine cellar cooling system manufacturers. This split system wine cellar cooling system is powerful and durable enough to constantly run for a long time and adequately cool this entire closet. Take note that your wine cellar A/C will depend on a variety of factors like area size and materials present (whether it’s mostly glass, wood, concrete, etc.).  

Since it’s a split system — the evaporator is separate from the condenser — there are copper coils that transport the air in and out. You can’t see the coils dangling around the cellar because the team expertly hid them behind the pillar!  

Working with an existing wall can be challenging because you need to ensure it’s insulated properly. So after running the coils on the wall, the team then applied spray foam insulation to close off even the tiny gaps.  

The vent you see is part of this glass wine cellar’s cooling system. There are two of that in this space, both set against the mirror wall.

Lastly, since the glass panels here are frameless, each panel was fitted with a stainless steel U-channel. U-channels are commonly used even outside (glass railings, glass balconies, etc.). While they hold the glass panels in place and help stabilize them, these channels also help seal air gaps between the glass and the floor/wall/ceiling — certainly what we need for wine cellars!  

Beautify Your Clearwater Hills Home with a Custom Wine Cellar Made Just For YOU! 

Custom modern glass wine cellars are undeniably chic and sleek. When you’re thinking of adding a wine cellar in your Clearwater Hills home or anywhere in and around Phoenix, make sure to get in touch with Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix. Our team can draw you up a unique wine cellar concept and build you one correctly.  

We love to work hard and find the right solutions for your wine cellar needs, no matter how challenging they are, and we’re here to see your project the whole way through! 

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An Artistic Take on Modern Glass Wine Cellars!