Incredible Under-the-Stairs Glass Wine Cellars for Your Phoenix Home

You don’t always need a large area to build glass wine cellars . A great example is this unique glass wine room that the Coastal Custom Wine Cellars team created for their client. The owners wanted to create a wine cellar under the stairs in the center of their home. Steve and his team combined glass walls, windows, and a door with luxurious wooden racking to create a stunning and unique wine storage solution.



An Overview of the Contemporary Glass Wine Room 

This glass wine cellar is the perfect addition to this home and looks gorgeous under the stairs.

Steve Pantalemon of Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, designed and built this under-the-stairs glass wine room. The client wanted to build a wine cellar in a small area inside his home, and Steve and his crew didn’t disappoint. They successfully used premium materials and industrial-grade components to build the modern wine closet they were hoping for. They created an exquisite wine room from the limited area they had to work with under a central stairway.  

One unique aspect of this cellar is how easy it is to see inside. On the front, there is a large glass wall and wine cellar door with an easy view from the main living area. In addition, there are also two windows built into the walls that show horizontal wooden racking. The glass is a ¾ inch tempered, frameless glass panel. To add more grandeur to this glass wine cellar, the flooring was made from salvaged reclaimed wine barrels. The wine racking inside is a combination of cork-forward style racking, along with the diamond-shaped X bins, the reveal row, and label forward racks in the windows. Reveal rows were added with white LED lighting for emphasis. And the rest are diamond racks on the lower portions of the wine room. Lastly, a WhisperKOOL wall mount cooling unit was installed. After a heat load calculation, it was determined that this was the perfect unit to regulate the temperature inside a wine cellar of this size. 

Wine Racking  

The top section of this glass wine cellar is made up of cork forward wine racking, adding more storage capacity to a smaller wine cellar.

The custom wine racking system inside this glass wine room is not something you see every day. From the outside, you can see horizontal wine racks embedded in the wall and enclosed by glass panels. Inside, you can see wine racking that consists of a reveal row, cork-forward racking, and diamond bin racks.  

To add more class and emphasis to the reveal row, LED lighting was installed to highlight the beautiful wine bottles. It is a good accessory to the rack. It is an excellent choice for most modern glass wine cellars, as it adds light and emphasis to your collection. But it doesn’t emit any heat that could ruin your wines. You can clearly see the label for each bottle placed in the reveal row. This area of the wine racking is designated for showcasing the owner’s best and most favorite wine selection selections.  

The diamond bins on the bottom also go well with the wooden flooring made from repurposed wine barrels. This part of the wine racking is focused more on storage rather than display. These diamond bins can alternatively hold up to 9 magnum-sized bottles, 12 champagne bottles, or 16 standard-sized wine bottles. It’s the perfect spot to store large quantities of bottles, in addition to the upper cork-forward racks.  

All the wooden wine racks in this glass wine room are made of Alder. It was then lacquered and stained to give it a more refined and pronounced look that meshes with the style of the house.   

Cooling System 

This under-the-stairs glass wine cellar is centrally located in the house. Since it is not exposed to direct sunlight, frameless glass for its doors won’t cause any temperature problems for the owners. Steve added gaskets to the glass door to make sure that there will be no leaks in the wine room.  

The cooling unit in this under-the-stairs glass wine cellar is tucked against the wall, effectively hiding it from view while still providing excellent temperature control.

Picking what cooling system would work best in your wine cellar depends on the project specifications. For this wine cellar, the team installed a WhisperKOOL Platinum Split System 4000. It is a split-type cooling unit. That means the evaporator and condensing unit are separated from each other. This type of cooling unit is perfect if you want less noise and clutter (from cooling system parts). The evaporator coil is the only part of the cooling system visible from inside the wine cellar. The condensing unit was placed outside the wine cellar.

Overall, the cooling system installed for the wine is both practical and efficient. You can only see the evaporator in the wine cellar and not of the condenser or ducting. There’s a minimized chance of having air gaps or leaks in the wine cellars because of gasket seals coupled with each of the door’s glass panels. And because of this, the cooling system can regulate the temperature in the room efficiently. 

A Beautiful Transitional Glass Wine Room Project  

Steve and his team of professionals and creatives did a great job with this under-the-stairs glass wine cellar. They created a magnificent piece of art for these valued clients under their stairs. The racking system can hold a large number of wine bottles in a small and confined space. The cooling system works perfectly as it was designed to keep the room at the perfect temperature and humidity. The team at Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix takes pride in our work, and in every project we do, whether it’s for a residential or commercial customer. No project is too big or too small for us. Want to build your wine cellar too? Call us today at (480) 409-1114 and let’s make it happen.