The Right Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems For Your Wine Cellar Cooling Project

Installation of Refrigeration Systems in a Wine Cellar is a Specialist’s Job!

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There are many factors to be considered in order to determine which wine cellar refrigeration unit is best for your wine storage room.

One of the best ways to determine these is to work through these steps:

The first thing to do is define the exact size of your wine storage cellar room.

Accurately measure the size of your residential or commercial wine cellar in cubic feet.

Next, determine whether you have a climate-controlled room adjacent to your custom wine cellar.

The room should be the same size or larger than your wine storage room for you to be able to use a through-the-wall wine cellar cooling system.

Keep in mind that all types of through-the-wall units produce heat and lots of noise in the adjacent room. If you do not like this idea, you may choose from the ducted or split system options.

There are many pros and cons when you compare a through the wall to a split system.

Some prefer a through-the-wall refrigeration unit for inside or for outside applications. Some installations need a split wine cellar cooling system or even a ducted wine cellar refrigeration system. Ducted systems also come in different kinds. Some allow ducting for cold air, others for hot air, while some may allow both.

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Self-contained wine cellar cooling units can be quicker to install and less expensive for budget-conscious buyers.

The Three Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Types 

1. Through-the-wall Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units

These are sometimes also called self-contained through-the-wall systems.

These are the most simplistic among the three types of wine cellar refrigeration systems. They are usually mounted through a hole in the wall of the custom wine cellar in Arizona. The front end of the unit blows cold air into the storage room while the back end exhausts warm air out. This type is one of the least expensive types of wine cellar cooling systems and is very easy to install.

2. Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Ducted wine cellar cooling systems are usually the quietest type of wine cellar refrigeration systems as the mechanical equipment can be located far away from the room.

Ducted systems are configured in such a way that you have the choice to install the refrigeration close to the cellar or not.

In fact, the ducting in this system can be set up in a lot of different ways.

The length limitations of the ducting depend on the type of custom wine cellar cooling unit you purchase.

Noise is reduced, if not eliminated if you have the cold air ducted into the cellar. Moreover, in this setup, the cooling unit is not visible in the custom wine cellar. One disadvantage of this type of wine cellar refrigeration system is that the units and installation can be more expensive.

3. Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

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Split Wine Cellar Cooling Systems in Arizona from Arctic Metalworks

The setup of split cellar cooling systems is similar to that of central air conditioning. The evaporator of the refrigeration system is located inside or close to the wine cellar while the condenser is located elsewhere. The two parts are connected through a line set. This kind of wine cellar refrigeration system can be costly, and you need a licensed HVAC professional to install the system.

Choosing a Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration System in Phoenix, Arizona

Wines need to be stored in ideal temperatures and humidity in order for them to mature properly. Buying a quality wine cellar refrigeration unit is an important investment that all wine lovers and wine collectors should make.

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