Custom Wine Cellar Racks Designed by Experts in Phoenix, Arizona

Elegant Custom Wine Cellar Designed by Phoenix Builders

Why settle for mediocre wine racks when you can hire an expert builder who can design them creatively to achieve a unique and attractive wine storage space? In Phoenix, Arizona a wine collector wanted to provide a beautiful and safe place for his large collection. He contacted one of our partners in designing custom wine racks in Phoenix for his wine cellar project. 

Magnificent Wine Custom Wine Rack Design for a Large Wine Cellar by Phoenix Master Builders  

The overall appeal of your wine cellar greatly depends on the design of the racking installed in it. Always remember that your choice of wine racks can make or break your wine room’s appearance. With this in mind, it is best to hire a specialist when considering building a unique home wine cellar.  

At Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, we partner with experts to meet our client’s needs. In our recent installation project in Phoenix, we partnered with Coastal Custom Wine Cellars in designing a functional and attractive residential wine cellar.  

Starting the Project with 3-Dimensional Drawings 

Everyone who works with Coastal Custom Wine Cellars will receive a custom design package for free. The 3-dimensional drawings enable the clients to have a better visualization of the overall look and ambiance of the completed wine room.

It also provides them the opportunity to examine every detail of the design and make changes to meet their aesthetic and functional requirements.  

CAD Drawings for a Custom Wine Cellar Built by Phoenix Experts

Overhead Plan View 3D Wine Cellar Phoenix Project

Overhead Plan View 3D Wine Cellar Phoenix Project

The 3D design package includes the different views and elevations of the wine room, bottle capacities, wine rack configurations, and bottle distribution within the racking in each wall.  

In this project, the overhead view drawing shows the dimensions posted around the perimeter. The plan view shows the walls labeled A to H. 

Stellar Custom Wine Rack Design  

When designing for your wine room, you may opt for semi-custom or custom racking.  At Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, we recommend customized wine racks to meet the specific requirements of our client and create a knock-out wine storage and display area for your collection.  

In this particular project, the custom wooden wine racks were designed with form and function in mind. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars combined various bottle configurations.    

Elevations A and B 

Custom Wine Racks Phoenix Arizona Project

Custom Wine Racks Phoenix, Arizona Project

Elevation A refers to the back wall, which is the focal point in this home wine cellar with custom racks manufactured and installed by professionals in Rancho Dr, Phoenix.  

This wall consists of an arch tabletop that comes with a stemware rack that stores the glasses upside down. Below the tabletop are rack openings for storing bottles individually.  

In Elevation B, the arch is flanked by symmetrical diamond bins on both sides at the bottom. Just above the left and right diamond bins are displayed rows that pitch the bottles at an angle. More individual wine racks were added to the top sections of Elevation B.  

Elevations C and D  

Left Wall Custom Wine Cellar Racks

Left Wall Custom Wine Cellar Racks

Elevations C and D are the long walls at the left and right sides of the wine cellar. They consist of the same racking styles.  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed these walls with 3 ¾ inches of wine rack openings to accommodate standard 750ml bottles individually at the top and bottom sections. Another high reveal display row runs the middle of the left and right walls. Below the display rows are horizontal storage racks where the client stores some of his bottles and his cork collection.  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars placed a quarter-round display rack at the end of the left wall to create a smooth transition to the next wall. 

Elevations E and F 

Functional Custom Wine Rack Styles by Phoenix Builders

Functional Custom Wine Rack Styles by Phoenix Builders

After the quarter-round display rack, you can see that Elevation E which is an alcove near the door. It consists of single wine racks at the top section and a pitched high display row below it. 

Elevation F is the area that consists of a tabletop where the client could decant and serve wine. Below the tabletop are wooden case storage bins with three shelves. The shelves store the wooden cases on commercial rollers to provide easy access to the cases.  

Elevations G and H 

Elevation G is the wall to the left when you enter the wine cellar door. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars added more individual storage for 750ml bottles at the top and bottom sections.

This wall has the same configurations as Elevation H (wall to the right aligned with the door). However, it is wider than Elevation H. 

Proper Room Insulation: the First Important Step After the Design Approval  

Dramatic Wine Cellar Lighting and Traditional Custom Wine Racks Presidio heights

Dramatic Wine Cellar Lighting and Traditional Custom Wine Racks Long Island

After the client approved the drawings, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix began the construction. The first step before installing the components (wine racks, refrigeration system, door, and lighting) is insulating the walls and ceiling.  

Why is there a Need for Wine Cellar Insulation? 

Proper room insulation will help stabilize the temperature and humidity level inside the wine room. Without it, your wine refrigeration system will not provide the efficient cooling needed by wine to age gracefully. 

Poor insulation will result in wine storage problems and a waste of investment. In this project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars made sure that the correct insulation was installed.  

Attractive Wood for the Wine Racks 

Custom Wine Cellar Rack Installation Project Phoenix

Custom Wine Cellar Rack Installation Project Arizona

With many options for wine rack materials available, it is best to consult a professional to prevent regrets in the future. 

For this project, the custom wine racks were manufactured by specialists in Long Island using All Heart Redwood. This Earth-toned wood creates an elegant atmosphere in the cellar. It is also known for its durability and high resistance to humid conditions and warping. 

Choice of Climate-Control System for a Large Home Wine Cellar Installed with Custom Wine Racks by Phoenix Builders   

Home Wine Cellar Installed with Custom Wine Cellar Racks and an Efficient Wine Cooling System

Home Wine Cellar Installed with Custom Wine Cellar Racks and an Efficient Wine Cooling System

An efficient wine cooling unit plays a significant role in preserving the complex characteristics of the wine. It prevents heat damage that causes wine faults.  

In this project, we utilized a ducted wine refrigeration system supplied by CellarMate. The cooling unit was the ideal choice because it has the capacity to create the optimum conditions for a large wine cellar like this.  

Experts in Phoenix Will Create Stellar Custom Wine Racks for You 

Do you want to have unique and functional wine storage and display area like this one installed in a Long Island home? Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix will ensure that your wine cellar will “wow” guests using custom wine racks designed to your specifications.  

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