Tips on Setting Up A Phoenix Wine Store & Commercial Wine Storage Displays

Commercial Custom Wine Cellars and Displays

Commercial Wine Storage in Arizona by Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix

In the past, it was the French who were exclusively into winemaking and wine collecting.

These days, more and more people from all over the world are getting into the craft. In Phoenix, setting up a wine retail store is a good idea for a small business because more regions are producing quality wines now and wine collectors are increasing in number.

If you plan to put up a wine store, you need to have commercial custom wine cellars built too. Here are some tips and suggestions for setting up your very own wine retail business.

Securing a Lease & License for Your Phoenix Wine Retail Store

Just like any other business, your wine retail store needs a lease for its location and a license. This is one of the most challenging parts of setting up any business.

It is a must that you obtain a license before the business begins to operate, or else you will have a ton of legal problems in the future. The license for opening a wine store requires that you decide on a location, although this does not guarantee the approval of a license.

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Commercial Wine Cellar & Commercial Wine Rack Construction

Part of setting up a wine store is having a commercial custom wine cellar built. You need a quality wine storage place constructed because wines cannot age properly without it. In line with this, you must know the cost of construction.

Commercial wine racks must be well thought out. The wine racks should be designed not only for storage purposes but also for display purposes.

The wine rack design should complement your wine bottles and entice customers to purchase your wines. Part of designing commercial racks is the signage, as well as the point of sale materials.

There are actually very few differences between residential wine racks and commercial ones, but these differences are very important.

Commercial wine racks are designed and constructed to meet commercial purposes. Commercial wine storage requires constant restocking, because every time a customer buys a bottle from the display, it is necessary to restock immediately.

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Commercial custom wine racks should, therefore, be designed to withstand frequent restocking, which can damage an average residential wine rack.

Wine racking systems designed for commercial businesses can be made from various kinds of materials, the most popular of which are metal and wood. Metal wine racks come in a twist and turn designs and have more interesting concepts and ideas compared to their wooden counterparts. Wooden racks are elegant and classy looking.

The most popular kinds of wood used for wine racks are Mahogany, Redwood, Fir, Cedar, and Pine.

Determining Which Wines To Sell

Part of setting up a wine shop is deciding on what to sell. Some wine stores in Arizona sell sparkling wines exclusively, while others stick to traditional wines only. There are wine stores that sell table wines for parties, as well as those that offer vintage labels for serious wine collectors.

Identifying what specific wines you intend to sell will help you create an inventory system to organize your displays. This will also help you determine your target market so that your sales will track up.

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The Need for Proper Wine Storage Conditions

Proper wine storage has to be provided by any wine store owner because wine is easily spoiled if certain conditions are not met. Wine should always be stored at an ideal temperature of 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and an ideal humidity of approximately 70%. Fluctuations in these levels must be avoided.

It is also important that your commercial wine cellar is located in an area away from direct sunlight and vibrations as these variables can all too easily damage wine.


Essentials of Commercial Wine Displays

Commercial wine storage should fulfill three essential functions, and these are:

1.       Commercial custom wine racks should be durable enough to store a large number of wines. Wine retailers do well in their business if they have a well-stocked inventory to restock their shelves every time a purchase is made.

2.       Commercial wine racks should allow for the optimal display of your wines. This is important because you need to efficiently manage your stock and customers want to see what wines you have on offer. It is ideal to have labels facing forward so that it is easier to check and recheck your inventory and for your customers to see at a glance.

3.       Commercial custom wine cellars should be beautifully designed. Whether it be through metal wine racks or wooden wine racks, your wine storage should be designed to attract customers.


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Combinations of commercial and residential custom wine racks with height differences can be used in a wine store to make a beautiful design. This is how we often design to meet budget and sales target goals. Competition in Phoenix can be very aggressive, wine store wine rack displays have to be not only effective but also cost-effective.

Want to build a beautiful custom wine cellar for your business? Call us now and we’ll give you a free 3D design for the wine cellar of your choice.