How We Design the Perfect Wooden Wine Racks in Phoenix

Wooden wine racks are a timeless piece to add to your Phoenix home cellar. Using wood as the main material for your wine racks is a concept we are familiar with and have grown with. We have seen it in homes, restaurants, and exclusive vineyards. The classic touch it adds to your Mountain Park Ranch cellar or any Phoenix home cellar is one that leaves a lasting impression. With a well-planned wooden wine rack design, you can have the perfect home to store your wine and a gorgeous traditional home feature. Let’s take you on a tour of how we make our wooden wine rack plans and execute them.

How We Design the Perfect Wooden Wine Racks in Phoenix

The wooden wine racks we made here span the entire perimeter of the room.

The Process of Planning our Wooden Wine Racks

When you plan on having wooden wine racks for your Phoenix home wine room, there are things we need to check off the list before we start building. To start, we need a concept. Knowing that you want wood as the main material for your cellar or wine closet is a good starting point. Although, when thinking of a concept, we also need to think of storage. We can use different racking shapes to optimize your space and showcase your best bottles of Chardonnay and Pinot. 

So when adding wooden wine racks into your home cellar plan, it is important to have the right team of professionals. Here at Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, we have expert residential wooden wine rack builders who can check off everything you need to build your home wine room. We can start with an onsite consultation of your space. From then, we can create a few concept drawings to design the perfect Phoenix wooden wine racking for your cellar. Take a closer look at our planning process for creating wooden wine racks in Phoenix. For a clearer example, let’s go over this project we did with our senior wine cellar design consultant Steve Pantalemon. 

Before Building the Wine Racks, Let’s Envision the Space 

Before planning the cellar, we need to know every nook and cranny of the space we are working with.

For this project, we had to deal with a unique space. It was an underground room with a small alcove in the right corner. Working with this corner of the space was challenging because the edges of the alcove were unequal, so we worked with uneven sides. We took this unique space as an opportunity to highlight the corner of the room by designing a tasting table with a storage desk that was custom-built for the nook. 

This is why it is important to have an onsite consultation even if you just need wooden wine racks. Having accurate measurements is vital before we start the design and building process.

Picking the Materials and Design to Fit Your Wooden Wine Racks

When using wood, we need to look into the color or finish of the wood, the number of bottles we want to store, and the style of racking that fits with the home cellar’s aesthetic. 

Customizing wooden wine racks lets you accommodate through-the-wall wine cooling units without wasting space.

In this project, the client chose an unfinished hardwood redwood for the wine rack. It had the slightest hint of red, which made the racking stand out from the light color of the walls. For the bottle count, the client was specific about how huge of a wine collection he wanted to build. 

So in this project, we had wooden wine racks built to house more than a thousand bottles of red. To add variety to the storage, we used different racking configurations. 

During the design process, we used the client’s interests and personality as inspiration. For this particular home wine cellar, the client wanted his map of the Australian Vineyard to be the focal point. To make their vision a reality, we designed a niche specifically for his Australian Vineyard map. We built a custom framing for the niche and added additional storage space at the bottom. 

The Best Refrigeration for Your Wine Cellar

There are multiple refrigeration and cooling systems in the market for home wine cellars. For this project, we used a through-the-wall Wine Guardian 0018 refrigeration unit. Out of all the options, this cooling system is the largest through-the-wall unit that can sufficiently maintain the temperature of the cellar, considering the size of the room. It can keep the cellar’s temperature at 57 to 58 degrees with a humidity of 58 to 59. This makes the perfect atmosphere for the correct aging of wine. It also keeps your sturdy Phoenix wooden wine rack from getting damaged by heat.

So when choosing what refrigeration or cooling system to use in your home cellar, have professional advice on what system can sufficiently regulate the atmosphere of your cellar. This is important in the storage and aging of your wines. 

Your Perfect Wine Cellar Lighting

Wooden wine racks can having custom lighting too and we can install them wherever you want within the rack.

You can highlight different aspects of your wooden wine racks through lighting. If you prefer a bright cellar, you can have LED lighting installed behind the cellar or through all of the beams of your wooden wine racks. If you prefer a more muted and dim look, you can choose specific areas of your wooden wine rack to show off. 

In this project, the home cellar was already brilliantly lit by the ceiling lighting, so we opted to highlight the middle display row. This showcased the bottles beautifully and added a warm glow to the space.

Plan Your Wooden Wine Racks with Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix

Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix has a team of skilled craftsmen and artistic designers who can turn your visualized wooden wine racks into a classic home cellar feature. Whether you are in Downtown Phoenix, Midtown Phoenix, Encanto, Camelback East, Desert View, or Amberlea, we can do an onsite consultation and build your perfect wooden wine racks. Talk to our Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix team through our contact number (480) 409-1114.

Wooden wine rack designs become limitless when you have them customized.