Wine Cellar Designers Group – An Affiliation of Construction Experts in the Phoenix Area  

We are proud members of the Wine Cellar Designers Group

Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix has maintained a pristine record in producing high-quality and aesthetically superior wine storage structures in Arizona. In the Phoenix area alone, our team of builders has built numerous residential and commercial wine displays to earn it the reputation of being the best in town. All of our team members – contractors and builders – are experts at what they do. That is why we are proud to officially be a member of Wine Cellar Designers Group (WCDG), which is an exclusive affiliation of only the ‘best of the best’ in the wine storage construction industry. We believe that by being part of this elite group, we can maintain our reputation of excellence, while we continue to grow by learning from other experts. 

An Excellent Reputation as Custom Wine Cellar Construction Expert in Phoenix

High Quality and Safe Custom Wine Rooms and Closets are What We Do as a Member of Wine Cellar Designers Group Phoenix Arizona

High Quality and Safe Custom Wine Rooms and Closets are What We Do as a Member of Wine Cellar Designers Group in Phoenix, Arizona

We take pride in being the leading wine cellar construction team in Phoenix, Arizona. However, we believe that it is not enough to be the best. One has to take on the challenge of remaining on top. How?

No one is indispensable. There will always be new teams rising. For any company to maintain its excellence, it must continue to evolve. No business ever became successful by being stagnant.

A prudent business owner should never say, “we already know,” but rather, “what more can we learn and how can we be even better?” One of the core values, here at Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, is to have a relentless passion for growing and learning more. This is the secret to how we have remained on top through the years.

We have always placed huge importance on adhering to standards of ideal wine cellar construction while keeping up with the latest trends. We also learn and gather inspiration from our competitors in the industry. To make sure our process of building wine cellars is always the most practical and efficient, we keep our company updated with technological advancements and the latest construction practices.

Because we plan to remain on the top of our game for decades to come, we decided to join a gathering of elite wine cellar construction specialists in the Phoenix area – Wine Cellar Designers Group.

A Group of Construction Experts Formed to Uplift the Standards of Wine Cellar Design  

Wine Cellar Designers Group (WCDG) is an affiliation of top wine storage builders and contractors. The members include wine cellar refrigeration system manufacturers, HVAC technicians and maintenance experts, storage structure designers, and wine cellar construction specialists. These affiliates come from various locations nationwide.

One of the major reasons why this group was created was to establish a guideline for building quality residential and commercial custom wine cellars. The objective of this guideline was to uplift the standards of wine storage construction. Whether the wine display is for a home or a business establishment, there should be an ideal guide to follow.

Want to know the members of WCDG? Check out the list! Click here! 

Why We Joined the Wine Cellar Designers Group 

There are many advantages of being a member of the Wine Cellar Designers Group. Besides the honor of being enlisted among the best wine cellar builders and contractors in the United States, joining WCDG is also an avenue for us to learn from other members. By being an affiliate to this elite group of construction experts, we learn the best practices of both our colleagues and competitors. We also learn about the latest trends in wine cellar design from other members.

Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix also decided to be a member of this exclusive group because we wanted to contribute our knowledge and expertise gathered from the years we have spent in the industry. Being able to share our best practices will help to uplift the standards of wine storage construction in Phoenix, Arizona.

Learning from other wine cellar companies and them learning from us is a wonderful way to maintain a healthy relationship with our competitors in the area.

Beautiful Under-Stair Wine Storage in Phoenix home

We can build elegant custom wine cellars in under-used or irregular spaces in homes or commercial establishments in Phoenix, Arizona.

Why Is There a Need for a Standard Guideline for the Design and Construction of Custom Wine Cellars in Phoenix?

The quality of a custom wine cellar in Phoenix, Arizona, hinges on two important aspects: function and design. A guideline is imperative because it helps builders and contractors follow a standard on how to build a functional and aesthetically superior custom wine cellar.

An Ideal Wine Cellar is Functional

Wines are very sensitive beverages. They easily spoil when stored in an environment that is too hot or too cold. This is the reason why wines should not be kept in an average climate-controlled structure. Wines must be stored in a custom wine cellar that is built to provide the ideal temperature of 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity of approximately 70%. An efficient wine storage room is one where these conditions do not constantly fluctuate.

Wine storage experts should be the ones to build your home or commercial wine cellar. They are knowledgeable about the specific storage needs of wine and how to build a structure that will meet these needs.

However, many general home builders and wine cellar contractors in the Phoenix area offer to build custom wine cellars, even if they do not know how to build a functional wine cellar. Most of the time, the storage structures they build cannot keep wines in the ideal temperature and humidity ranges. Consequently, wines spoil and clients spend more money trying to remedy the situation.

A guideline for constructing functional wine rooms is established by the Wine Cellar Designers Group, to make sure that builders and contractors adhere to the standards of constructing wine storage facilities. Included in this guideline are correct insulation, adequate vapor barrier, and an appropriate cooling system.

Wine Cellar Insulation and Vapor Barrier: Why are They Important in Wine Room Construction According to Professional Wine Cellar Companies?

Wine Room Insulation installed by Phoenix experts is crucial in Wine cellar Construction

Wine Room Insulation Installed by Phoenix Experts is Crucial in Wine cellar Construction

Insulating a room and adding a vapor barrier play a key role in maintaining the ideal conditions in a custom wine cellar in Phoenix, Arizona. These methods should be done by a professional. At Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, we consider the following factors when determining the correct insulation or R-value required for your wine room:

  • The amount of glass that will be installed
  • The location of your home or business where your wine cellar will be constructed
  • The thickness of the insulation

The vapor barrier will separate the cold environment in your custom wine cellar in Phoenix, Arizona, from the rest of the environment in your home or commercial establishment. When done correctly on the walls, ceiling, and door, the cold air will not leak out of your wine cellar and the warm air will not enter.  Moisture build-up will be prevented, and there will be no room for mold to grow.

Keep in mind that mold can damage the cork, your wine’s quality, wine labels, and the structural integrity of your wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration: Things to Keep in Mind

Expert custom wine cellar companies in Phoenix, Arizona, know and understand that regular home air conditioning systems are not appropriate for long-term storage. At Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, we use only high-grade wine cellar refrigeration systems. Our team will perform a heat load calculation to determine the suitable size, type, and model of wine cellar cooling unit for your needs.

Homeowners and business people can be sure that their custom wine cellar or wine closet is built according to expert standards by hiring a builder or contractor that is a member of WCDG.

A Quality Custom Wine Cellar Built by a Knowledgeable Company Has High Aesthetic Value

A quality custom wine cellar can increase the aesthetic value of a home. A well-designed wine display can help a restaurant attract more customers, and thus boost wine sales. There are many builders and contractors in Phoenix that try to keep their construction costs low by cutting corners and using low-quality materials.

WCDG’s guideline for custom wine cellar construction makes sure that its members only use commercial-grade materials so that the wine rooms they build are of superior aesthetic quality. In addition, WCDG members are capable of building wine cellars that are based on the most current custom wine cellar design trends.

Are You Among the Best in Arizona? Be a Member of the Wine Cellar Designers Group! 

Whether you’re a custom wine cellar builder or a manufacturer of HVAC systems for wine rooms or wine closets, if you believe you’re among the best in the industry, you should join Wine Cellar Designers Group!

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