Phoenix, Arizona – Custom Wine Cellars & Refrigeration Systems Raymond Project by Arctic Metalworks

Ray Moore Former Tennis Star

Ray Moore Former Tennis Star

Wine Room Built by Phoenix Custom Wine Cellars and Refrigeration Specialists

Wine Room Built by Phoenix Custom Wine Cellars and Refrigeration Specialists

Another project was completed by experts in building Phoenix custom wine cellars and installing wine refrigeration systems. Learn more about the features of this home wine cellar. 


Phoenix Custom Wine Cellars and Wine Refrigeration Project

Arctic Metalworks, the premier wine cellar design and refrigeration systems specialist in Southern Arizona, recently completed a custom wine cellars project in Phoenix, Arizona.  The uniquely customized private wine room was designed and constructed for the former South African professional tennis star Raymond J. Moore.

Ray Moore hails from Johannesburg, South Africa.  He won 8 double titles during his career, and also represented his country in several Davis Cup competitions.  After his pro-tour career had ended, Ray Moore remained active in the tennis world.  He currently manages the BNP Paribas Open event at Indian Wells Tennis Garden.

Another thing (outside of tennis that) Moore is passionate about is wine.  In fact, he co-owns a vineyard with his sister Corinne, called the Wine Tree Farm.  He also has a number of rare bottles in his wine arsenal, such as a 1982 Château Haut-Brion and a 1986 Chateau Lafite.

Arctic Metalworks added a unique feature to this custom wine cellars Phoenix, Arizona project that provided a safe enclave for Moore’s rarest and most valuable wine bottles.

Drawers with individual bottle cradles create a private space, within which rare wines can age in seclusion, away from light exposure.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration for Custom Wine Cellars by Arctic

Wine Cellar Refrigeration for Custom Wine Cellars by Arctic

All the wine racking for this residential custom wine cellar project was hand-built and custom-made in black walnut wood.  Black walnut lumber is known for its attractive grain pattern, exceptional durability, and rot-resistant qualities.  Moore preferred the unfinished look, hence the pale appearance of the finished product.

To maintain optimum conditions inside this Phoenix home wine cellar, Arctic Metalworks supplied an Arctic 0500 Split System.  A split system is divided into two units: an evaporator unit and a condensing unit.  The evaporator is mounted inside the wine room, while the condenser is placed in a remote location.  The components are connected by a line set.  This setup promotes a noise-free environment that is very conducive to wine aging.

For this custom wine cellar project, the condenser was placed in a 5-car garage.  The large garage is big enough to contain heat created by the condensing unit without causing compressor burnout.

The condenser was connected to the evaporator by an existing line set that extended over 50 feet.  The complete refrigeration install was done in 10 hours.

Arctic Metalworks provides a proactive wine cellar refrigeration maintenance plan, along with a labor and parts warranty.  The wine cellar refrigeration maintenance program includes three annual visits to check the cooling unit and keep the outdoor system free from dirt and debris.

The entire Arizona wine cellar installation, including the racking solutions and refrigeration equipment, was designed and built by Arctic Metalworks.  To ensure that the proper insulation, vapor barrier, flooring material, and lighting fixtures are installed, the Arctic team worked closely with the general contractor of the home.

Work with Experts in Building Phoenix Custom Wine Cellars and Installing Wine Refrigeration Systems

Arctic Metalworks is touted as the wine cellar refrigeration guru of Southern Arizona.  Their refrigeration equipment is designed to fit various cooling needs and requirements.  They also have a service team on standby, in case wine cellar refrigeration maintenance and repair are needed.

If you are looking for an expert in building custom wine cellars and installing wine refrigeration systems, please feel free to call us at (480) 409-1114, and one of our Phoenix specialists will call you.