Expert Home Wine Cellar Builders Converted a Basement Into a Stylish Storage Room

Click image to see a larger version of the photo!Wine cellar conversion projects are becoming a trend in Arizona. Many homeowners have hired master builders, like Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, to renovate extra rooms in their houses and turn them into wine storage facilities. One of the best constructions completed recently was the basement playroom of a recent client that was converted into a posh contemporary residential custom wine cellar. 

A Modern Residential Storage Facility Constructed by Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix

We, at Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, take pride in one of our most recently completed projects in Arizona – a wine room converted from a basement playroom. The client needed our help to renovate their basement since they were not using it anymore. The plan was to turn it into a modern, sleek home wine cellar that could accommodate bottles of various sizes. Our builders met with the owner and discussed their storage requirements, as well as their design preferences.

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Click image to see a larger version of the photo!The first meeting that our team had with the client was in June 2015. They discussed in detail the dimensions of the cellar, the bottle capacity intended, the type of racking systems to be installed, the appropriate cooling unit to be mounted, and other design specifications. A month later, the construction commenced. Our builders created one of the most beautiful contemporary wine cellars with a 2,000-bottle capacity.

Stunning Display Using Wood and Metal Wine Racking Systems

The type of racking systems installed in a cellar determines the room’s overall appeal. At Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, we offer customization options to our clients. This flexibility in design allows inputs from clients so that we can achieve the cellar style that they want.

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In this conversion project, the client wanted our builders to install wooden and metal wine racks. This fusion of two different materials was meant to create a contemporary aesthetic appeal.

Alder was the type of wood used for the wooden wine racks. All wooden racking systems were stained with Sherwin Williams Rustic color. The metal displays, on the other hand, were applied with a brushed nickel finish.

Click image to see a larger version of the photo!1. Left Wall Elevation Wooden Wine Racks

As you enter the cellar door, the first racking system you will see is that installed on the left wall. It consists of a quarter-round display wooden wine rack. This storage structure has five levels that can accommodate not only wine bottles but also accessories, such as wine glasses, decanters, etc.

After the wooden racks, a tabletop was installed. Below it was a set of diamond bins, which were intended for bulk storage. Wooden bins allow a more efficient organization of wines because the client can store bottles of the same type in one bin. Diamond bins are also ideal for storing large-format bottles.

2. Back Wall Elevation Wooden Racking System

Click image to see a larger version of the photo!27-inch deep wooden wine racks were also installed on the back wall. The left and right sides of this elevation had single-deep individual bottle racks at the top section. A stellar display row highlighted with ribbon lighting was also added.

At the top center area was another tabletop, which was intended to conceal the HVAC unit’s evaporator. Our builders included a stemware rack so that the client can hang wine glasses upside down.

A two-door double-deep cigar humidor cabinet was built below the tabletop. This feature was specifically requested by the client so that he could have a place to store his cigarette and cigar collection. The humidor had five shelves on its left side. The bottom-most shelf was intended for keeping cigars individually. All of the shelves were designed to tilt slightly so that the client and his visitors could have a good view of the cigars and the cigar boxes.

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At the right side of the cigar humidor, a cabinet was added to provide storage space for the client’s wine tasting rudiments, such as bottle openers, decanters, napkins, etc.

Ideally, wine cellars have to be cooled to approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the cigar humidor cabinet needed to be more than 58 degrees Fahrenheit. What are builders did to meet all temperature requirements was install weather stripping on all sides of the cabinet door. Furthermore, the cabinet was also lined with Spanish Cedar, which is known to maintain a higher temperature and humidity level. All these special feature adjustments helped achieve a warmer environment inside the humidor cabinet.

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Double-deep individual racks were installed in the rest of the bottom section. These wooden racks could store two bottles in each slot – one in front of the other. The configuration is ideal for maximizing storage capacity in a limited space.

Two case storage bins were included on each side of the bottom racks. Each bin can accommodate two cases since these are double-deep racking systems. Single vertical column racks were also added at both ends of the back wall, which were meant for standard bottles, as well as large format wines.

Click image to see a larger version of the photo!3. Metal Wine Racking Systems from Vintage View Storage Solutions

There are various providers of metal racks in Arizona, and among the most trusted ones is Vintage View Storage Solutions.

Vintage View has a wide array of metal racking choices. In this construction project, our builders installed their Floor-to-Ceiling Series. Robust steel racks were mounted in the open areas of the left and right walls. Another set of metal racks was also included in front of the glass wall. A brushed nickel finish was applied to the metal wine racks to enhance their aesthetic appeal.

The metal displays had a label-forward design, which meant that the client could see the bottle labels at a single glance. This configuration made it easier for the owner to identify the wines cradled in these steel racks.

Get Your Contemporary Home Wine Cellar Designed by an Expert Builder!

You too can get your own modern chic wine cellar built in your home. Our storage design specialists are always ready to assist you in planning for your contemporary wine room. Our builders will make sure that the construction will be based exactly on your storage requirements and design specifications. Call us today and let’s talk about your future custom wine cellar! Click here!

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