Limited Space Did Not Stop an Expert from Building an Elegant Custom Wine Cellar in Phoenix

View of Wine Cellar with Lighting On

View of Wine Cellar with Lighting On

One of the common challenges in building a custom wine cellar is dealing with a tiny and odd-shaped room. In Phoenix, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars provided one of their clients with an innovative storage solution for a small space under the stairs. Check out the different features that they incorporated into the design.

Amazing Transformation of a Tiny Space into a Functional Wine Storage Area

Whether you have a few or a hundred bottles of wine in your collection, it is important that you invest in a fully built wine cellar. This will help you enjoy your favorite wines for many years to come without worrying about their safety.

If you don’t have a large room for your wine storage area, you can use any extra space that you have at home. Make sure that you work with a master builder who can provide you with all of your needs and meet your requirements. On one of their recent installation projects, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars created a traditional, yet elegant design for an open staircase.

Impressive Custom Wine Cellar Design for a Home in Phoenix

Building the Front Wall Wine Cellar Construction

Wine Cellar Construction, Building the Front Wall Phoenix

The space, which is underneath the staircase, has a sloping ceiling and is located in the main living area. It has a depth of 4 feet and a length of 12.5 feet.

The goal of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars was to enclose the tiny room according to the client’s request. They decided to build a front wall to achieve this.

The owner also wanted an attractive wine rack system made of wood. What Blue Grouse Wine Cellars did was combine different bottle orientations to add character to the wine rack design.

They also installed a cooling system that could maintain a stable environment in this custom wine cellar in Phoenix.

Preparing the Wine Room by Insulating the Walls and Ceiling

Wine Cellar Insulation

Wine Cellar Insulation

An unstable environment can deteriorate wine easily, resulting in off flavors and aroma. The walls, ceiling, and the door of a refrigerated wine cellar must be insulated properly to prevent this from happening.

Failure to do so can result in temperature fluctuations and variable humidity levels, which can alter the chemical properties of the wine. When this happens, your investment will go to waste.

Deciding to add insulation later can cause a significant expense, so it is best to work with a master builder who knows proper wine storage.

Room insulation will not force your wine refrigeration system to work hard, which can prevent you from having higher energy bills. Additionally, it can also prevent cooling unit breakdowns, saving you money from repairs or buying a new unit.

On this custom installation project completed by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars in Phoenix, Arizona, they had to demolish the existing walls at the side and back of the space under the stairs. This allowed them to add a vapor barrier and insulation. After which, a new type of drywall was installed.

Another way to regulate the temperature and humidity in this custom wine cellar was to construct the door and front wall from insulated glass.

Elegant Wine Rack Features

Wine Rack Design Close up of Lighted Display Row

Close Up View, Custom Wine Rack Design

Before starting the wine room conversion project, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars created CAD drawings of the cellar. They made sure that the design would suit the aesthetic, functional, and financial requirements of their client.

The style and material of the wine racks were chosen carefully in order for them to build a custom wine display that would match the existing theme of the owner’s space and impress any guest who sees it.

Material Choice for the Wine Racks

Wood has been a favorite material in wine rack construction because of its timeless beauty, earthy look, and warmth. Whatever the style of your home is, wooden wine racks will surely blend well with your space. They can be customized easily according to the shape and size of your wine cellar as well.

In this project, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars constructed the racking from Knotty Alder. This type of wood is attractive with an even texture, straight grain patterns, and tight knots. The natural grain of the wood was emphasized by applying an Early American stain. To achieve a more lustrous appearance, the wine racks were then finished with lacquer.

Stylish Storage Display for a Custom Wine Cellar in Phoenix

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Under Stairs Wine Cellar Showing Sloping Ceiling with Pot Lights

The entire racking was installed at the back wall, and there were no wine racks on the sidewalls. The space under the stairs had a maximum height of approximately 6 feet.

The Knotty Alder wine racks were constructed with various bottle orientations to display the owner’s prized collection beautifully and to maximize the capacity of the room.

Individual storage openings for 750ml bottles and a few magnums were placed at the top of the racking. In the middle section, you can see three sections of the high reveal display row and one section for the magnums.

This type of bottle display makes sure that the cork is in contact with the wine. This way, the cork will not lose its elasticity and sealing ability.

When the cork dries out, it will shrink and become brittle, allowing an unwanted amount of oxygen to alter the wine’s chemical properties.

In the lower section, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars installed diamond bins for maximum storage capacity, bulk storage, and better organization of wine. The divider in each diamond bin opening is removable to provide space for wooden cases.

High-Quality Wine Cooling System

The wine refrigeration system plays a significant role in preserving the quality of the wine. It helps achieve the optimum storage conditions in a wine cellar. It is important to choose an efficient cooling unit to help wine age gracefully.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars offers a wide array of refrigeration systems to cater to the specific need of their customers. For this project, they used a KoolR Magnum cooling unit. They placed it through the back of the wine room, at the top section of the racking.

It is a suitable option for small wine cellars because it is non-intrusive. It is also recommended for homeowners who are on a budget. Installing the KoolR Magnum cooling system doesn’t need an HVAC technician.

Elegant Wall and Entryway

Overall View of Vancouver Custom Wine Cellar Under Stairway

Overall View of Phoenix Custom Wine Cellar Under Stairway

The front wall and the wine cellar door were constructed from laminated glass panels to prevent the Ultraviolet rays from spoiling the wines. To match the existing staircase, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars framed the door and wall with wood, finished with a clear lacquer.

The door was also insulated and equipped with sealing components to protect the wine against damage caused by external factors.

An Expert Can Help Transform Your Space into a Functional Wine Room

If you want to convert a small space in your Phoenix home into a visually appealing custom wine cellar, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars can help you. Contact them today at +1-888-400-2675.

Home Wine Cellar Custom Design

Home Wine Cellar Custom Design

Custom Drawing Wine Cellar Installation Project

Custom Drawing Wine Cellar Installation Project