AMAZING TRANSFORMATION: An Under-the-Stair Closet Converted to a Contemporary Home Wine Cellar


Avid wine collectors find it more convenient to have their bottles stored in their homes, instead of a commercial storage facility. This is why homeowners look for an extra room in their house and have it converted to a wine cellar. Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix has helped many wine enthusiasts fulfill their dream of having a residential wine room. A recent client in Arizona, for example, had a closet under their stairs transformed into a beautiful contemporary wine cellar!

Challenging Closet Conversion Project Completed by Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix

Homeowners hire an expert wine storage builder because the construction of a wine cellar is not as easy as most people think. It’s not enough to hire just any carpenter to build your wine room, because only an experienced cellar contractor knows how to create the ideal structure that can meet the storage needs of your wines. Each construction project has different challenges, and it is only a master wine cellar builder who can take on these challenges. They make sure that the specific requirements for building a functional wine room are met.

In a recent wine cellar construction project, the team of experts from Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix encountered one of the most common challenges that wine room builders face – the irregular shape of the area. The client wanted the closet under his staircase to be converted into a contemporary custom wine cellar. The contractors took on the challenge and created a storage structure that made the client very happy.

The space where the wine cellar was constructed was originally a coat closet. The size and sloping of the room meant that the builders had to carefully select the type of racking to install so that the storage area could be maximized. The experts assessed the room and consulted the client about his functional and aesthetic needs. Then, 3-dimensional drawings were created, so that the owner could have a better perspective of the planned wine cellar.

Contemporary Design Custom Wine Cellar – Fusion of Metal and Wooden Installations

The client wanted a contemporary look for his wine storage room. To achieve the design that he wanted, the expert builders had a combination of wooden and metal racks installed in the cellar.

Metal Wine Racks from Vintage View Storage Solutions

There are various materials used for manufacturing wine racking systems, and metal is the choice for those who want to create a sleek and modern appearance in their cellar. Steel is the most durable product for wine racks.

In this closet conversion project, the cellar specialists installed racks from Vintage View Storage Solutions, which is a company known for its high-quality metal racks. All of their racking systems have a label-forward design, which makes it easier for homeowners to identify the bottles in their storage room.

Vintage View offers various kinds of racking systems, but for this project, the builders installed the Wall Series Wine Racks. These were wall-mounted metal racks that could be installed in difficult-to-reach areas and challenging spaces. The Wall Series racks were mounted on the curved wall on the left side of the wine cellar designed for a home. In total, the racks could accommodate up to 428 bottles.

There are various stain and finish options for metal racks. In this project, the steel racking systems were applied with a brushed nickel finish.

Wooden Wine Racking Systems

Besides metal racks, wooden displays were also added to this under-the-stairs wine cellar. The fusion of steel and wood created an interesting ambiance in the storage room. All of the wooden installations were made from Mahogany with a chestnut stain and lacquer applied.

Mahogany is a top choice for wine storage structures because the product is highly resistant to mold and mildew. It can withstand the humid conditions of a custom residential cellar.

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Installation of Glass Windows and Door in this Distinctive Modern Home Wine Cellar

Originally, the client wanted to have both the left and right sides of the cellar be made of glass. But, the team of builders could not remove the wall studs because they held the weight of the staircase. So, the client and the contractors made a compromise. Instead of the sides being made of glass, the contractors incorporated glass on the wine cellar door and the iron-framed windows.

The glass door and windows allowed the client, as well as his guests, to view the inside of the cellar without having to open the storage room. This was advantageous because the frequent opening of the structure could cause fluctuations in the temperature and humidity inside, which could ultimately damage the wines.

LED Lighting Systems in the Home Wine Cellar for an Efficient Consumption of Energy

The lighting fixtures installed in a cellar can improve the aesthetic value of the storage room. But it’s not just appearance that should be considered. Energy efficiency matters also! The builders made sure that only LED lighting systems were used in this project.

LED spotlights were mounted on the right wall and ribbon track lighting was placed on the curved wall behind the wooden display. These lights were selected not only because they created a stellar ambiance in the cellar, but also because they utilized less energy compared to other lighting systems, and they emit minimal heat. Lamps and other fixtures that produce too much heat can alter the temperature and humidity balance in the residential wine room.

High-Grade Refrigeration System Mounted by HVAC Specialists

In this project, the builders worked in partnership with an HVAC expert. US Cellar Systems is a premier wine cellar refrigeration equipment manufacturing company. The team of cooling specialists installed a RM 2600 unit above the wine cellar door. It was concealed by a wooden grill and box, which were built from the same material that the wooden wine racks were made of.

Have that Extra Room in Your House Converted into a Wine Cellar!

If you have an unused space in your house, you can have it transformed into a wine closet or wine cellar. Your wine collection can have a safe place to rest if you have your own residential custom wine cellar. Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix has converted many rooms into cellars, and in all of these projects, clients were immensely satisfied with the results. Give us a call today, and let’s discuss how you want your home wine cellar to look. Contact +1(480) 409-1114 now!