Incredible Transformation of a Phoenix Playroom into a Contemporary Design Wine Cellar

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Cigar humidor cabinet.

We’ve met many wine collectors in Phoenix. Many have their vinos stored in a commercial storage facility. A lot of them would dream to have their own residential wine room built but they’re not sure if they have adequate space in their home for a cellar. The truth is that any room – big or small, square-type or irregularly-shaped – can be made into a functional wine room by a master builder. A perfect example is a playroom that our team recently converted into a contemporary design custom wine cellar. Besides being an efficient wine storage structure, we also designed the space to have a tasting area and a humidor cabinet for the client’s cigar collection.  

Distinctive Design for the Phoenix Playroom Turned into a Wine Cellar 

Click on the photo to enlarge!Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix takes pride in one of the most beautiful projects we’ve completed in Arizona. The client was an avid wine enthusiast who also had a fondness for collecting cigars.  

We met the client on the 5th of September this year. He had a spacious basement that used to serve as a playroom for their children. Now that the kids are all grown up, the client wanted the area renovated and converted into a wine cellar with a cigar humidor.  

Click on the image to get a bigger version!After assessing the aesthetic requirements and the storage needs of the client, we created a set of 3-dimensional drawings of the planned wine cellar design. The proposed design was of a contemporary cellar that could house approximately 2,000 wine bottles. We included in the design a tasting area for guests and a humidor cabinet for the client’s cigar collection. The client loved the design and approved it immediately.  

We started the construction of the contemporary design wine cellar in Phoenix on September 18, 2017.  

A Combination of Wooden and Metal Racking Systems to Achieve a Gorgeous Contemporary Style 

There are various styles of wine racking systems on the market. The type of racks used in a cellar largely affects the overall design of the storage room. Wooden wine racks, for example, are used to create rustic or traditional-style cellars. Metal racks, on the other hand, are great for modern wine rooms. Since the client wanted a contemporary design for his residential wine storage facility, our team of builders installed both wooden and metal racks.  

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Combination of wooden and metal racks to achieve a contemporary design.

Enlarge this photo! Click here!1. Wooden Wine Racks for the Contemporary Design Cellar in Phoenix 

Our builders constructed the wooden racking systems from Alder wood, which is one of the most trusted wood species for climate-controlled structures. It is durable, long-lasting, and highly resistant to mold and mildew. The builders applied a Sherwin Williams Rustic stain and a clear satin finish to the wooden wine racks.  

2. Metal Wine Racking Systems for a Modern Flair 

All the metal racking systems used in this project were from Vintage View Storage Solutions. We installed their brushed nickel metal wine displays in strategic areas in the cellar. The metal racks had a label-forward design, which means that the client will be able to see his favorite vinos quickly at first glance.  

Click to enlarge!A One of a Kind Wine Cellar Design with a Cigar Humidor Cabinet 

This uniquely designed Phoenix wine cellar had a humidor cabinet installed below the center tabletop. The tabletop was built with double-deep cabinets. The left cabinet was a humidor for storing the client’s cigar collection.  

Our builders lined the humidor cabinet with Spanish Cedar, which is a material necessary for keeping the humidity and temperature level inside the cabinet higher than outside. The cabinet was constructed with an individual cigar tray, as well as four shelves that slightly tilted the displayed cigar boxes.  

The right cabinet, beside the humidor, was meant for storing wine tasting rudiments, such as decanters, napkins, and corkscrews.  

An Elegant Glass Wall and Door for the Playroom-Turned-Cellar  

Our team of builders installed a half-inch thick seamless glass wall and entryway in this residential wine cellar. We used dual-pane tempered glass to make sure that the temperature and humidity inside the wine room are kept from fluctuating.  

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Metal racks were from Vintage View Storage Solutions.

The Contemporary Design Wine Cellar in Phoenix Was Installed with a Robust HVAC Unit 

Get a bigger version of the photo by clicking on it!Wine cellars vary in size and capacity. This is why each one needs a different wine cellar cooling system. To determine the appropriate refrigeration unit for a wine room, an HVAC specialist has to be consulted.  

An expert cooling technician conducted a heat load calculation in this Phoenix wine cellar to determine its British Thermal Unit (BTU) requirement. The cellar was approximately 1,300 cubic feet with over 100 square feet of glass. The HVAC technician determined that the best unit to install was a Model 8000S CellarPro ductless split cooling system.  

The condenser was installed outdoors and concealed it with an exterior housing to protect it from the elements. The evaporator was installed inside the contemporary design wine cellar.  

Turn Any Available Room in Your Phoenix Home into a Contemporary Design Wine Cellar 

It doesn’t matter what size your extra space is – a small pantry, an unused cabinet, a large garage, a spacious basement – we can help you turn it into your dream residential wine cellar. Our team has had various experiences in building both small and large wine storage facilities in Arizona. We have always maintained a reputation for providing quality services and meeting customer satisfaction. 

How do you imagine your home wine cellar? Do you want a rustic style? Or do you prefer a modern design? Call Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix today! Let us help you make that dream a reality. Click here!