How a Small Empty Space Under the Stairs was Transformed into a Custom Wine Cellar! 

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A lot of homeowners in Arizona have staircases that have an empty space underneath them. Many people want to make better use of this extra space by converting it into cabinets and storage areas. In a project we’ve recently completed in Phoenix, Arizona, a client chose to have the unused under-the-stairs space turned into a residential custom wine cellar. 

From Useless Bare Space to Awesome Custom Wine Cellar 

Our team of builders, here at Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, was recently contacted by a client in  Phoenix. The homeowner needed our help in transforming the space underneath his stairwell into a wine storage structure.

After a series of meetings to discuss the construction plan, we created a set of 3D drawings for the client. The illustrations were not only a guide for the contractors but also a great means to give a better visualization to the client of his desired wine cellar.

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Semi-Custom Design for this Under-the-Stairs Wine Cellar

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The area that was going to be converted into a custom wine cellar was 46.5 inches wide and 79.5 inches deep. The space was really small, but our team was able to maximize it efficiently because the result was a cellar that could accommodate up to 410 wine bottles!

Cigar Humidor, High Reveal Display, Curved Corner Racks, and Single Bottle Racks

Custom-built wine racks are a great choice for those who want to create their unique style. Unlike modular racking systems, custom wine racks are built from scratch to fit the client’s storage requirements.

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On the right wall, we designed a custom wine racking system with a high reveal display. The client’s most prized bottles are to be placed on the high reveal display where they will be tilted at a 15-degree angle so that their labels will be in full view.

The main customized component of the right wall was the cigar humidor. It was installed with a frame lined with Spanish Cedar, which is an aromatic type of wood. Spanish Cedar is a common material used in making humidors because it enhances the flavor of the cigars and it is a natural regulator of humidity. We installed two shelves and a lock in the client’s cigar humidor. The lower shelf was meant for cigar boxes, while the upper shelf was intended for storing cigars individually.

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Our construction team also installed a single bottle racking system on the back wall of the cellar. Since the room was underneath a staircase, it had a sloping ceiling. Our builders had to cut the top of the back wall racking so that it could fit the sloping ceiling of the room.

We custom-designed a true radius curved corner wine rack for this project so that there would be a smooth transition from the right side wall to the back wall.

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The left wall of the cellar was a little bit more challenging because the width of the room was very small. Our team of master builders had to be creative and designed a unique horizontal display rack. The racking system was only 6 inches deep and could accommodate up to 45 wine bottles.

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Wood Material of Choice: Malaysian Mahogany

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The aesthetic quality and durability of your wine storage structure largely depend on the materials used in building your racks. For this client in Phoenix, our team of contractors used Malaysian Mahogany in constructing the racking systems.

Mahogany is one of the top wood options used in building climate-controlled storage rooms. Malaysian Mahogany, in particular, is a premier choice because of its diverse characteristics. This specific wood type has a distinctly even grain with a lustrous finish. Moreover, its non-aromatic qualities make it an awesome choice for wine rooms, since it does not have any altering effect on the flavor of the wines.

A semi-glossy stain was applied to the racks to make the color of the wood deeper and more vibrant.

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Installation of an HVAC Unit Appropriate for this Small Custom Wine Cellar

To provide the ideal storage temperature and humidity in the wine cellar, our team installed a dependable self-contained HVAC unit from WhisperKool.

Self-contained cooling systems have both the evaporator and condenser included in one unit. The design of this self-contained unit is ideal for small spaces, like this under-the-stairs cellar project. Moreover, self-contained units are easy to install. There was no need to hire a refrigeration technician to install the cooling equipment. The client was happy that he was able to save more money on the construction project because our team was able to install the cooling unit by themselves without the help of an HVAC technician.

One of the biggest advantages of using this WhisperKool cooling system is its Liquid-Measuring Thermostat. This device measures the liquid temperature within the wine bottles, rather than just the air of the cellar. This method helps the client maintain the temperature in the custom-built cellar precisely at 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix – A Trusted Master Builder of Small Wine Storage Structures

We take pride in our team of builders here at Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix. With over a decade of experience in building quality storage rooms, we’ve always made it a point to provide our clients with the utmost satisfaction. There is no project too small for our contractors. Whether the space you have is an under-the-stairwell room, an unused closet, or an old pantry, we can find ways to turn it into a functional and aesthetically superior custom wine cellar. Let us help you make your dream wine storage structure come true! Call us NOW!