Give Yourself that Elegant and Aesthetic Wine Cellar in Phoenix, Arizona by Adding or Installing Custom Features and Accents

Are you still in the initial planning of building your very own residential wine room? Or looking for new ideas to add to your wine cellar in Phoenix but don’t know where to start or where to go for your building needs? An average wine room can turn elegantly impressive with the right features and accents. We at Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix can help you with your plans and provide you with tips and suggestions to get that dream wine room of yours within reach. 

Turn Your Wine Cellar in Phoenix, Arizona into a Masterpiece of Great Artistry – Add Custom Features and Choose the Right Hardware for Your Wine Display 

Building your own residential wine cellar that both have functionality and aesthetic value takes an ample amount of planning and thinking over. For a wine room to function, it has to have the proper equipment and right materials. A wine cellar builder should carefully evaluate the factors that are critical to properly holding your prized wine collection. Your storage room should be so constructed to provide the ideal temperature and perfect conditions to keep your wines safe and in a good state. This functionality should go flawlessly with your desired aesthetic and design, too. As a wine collector, you would want your wine bottles to be presented in a way that only matches their prestige and worth. We understand that these bottles are like prized trophies and awards and you as the owner would want to flaunt them in the best way possible. 

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Elegant custom wine cellar designed by a wine cellar specialist.

A great wine cellar builder should be able to work with your plans and ideas and provide you with the proper guidance and service to achieve a one-of-a-kind wine cellar that both fits your style and budget. From the technicalities like the proper cooling system, climate control functions, and materials used for each equipment to details like racking, lighting, and accents to add to your wine room, Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix can help you in building and designing your own wine room. Among the things that we at Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix can help you out with are: 

1. Cooling Systems for Your Storage Space 

Wine cellar refrigeration systems vary in functionality and purpose. It is best for a wine collector to talk to a wine cellar specialist regarding the proper cooling system to use for their wine room. Wine quality and state can easily be affected if an inappropriate cooling system is installed. Humidity, room size, and climate are among the things a wine collector should carefully consider before choosing the right cooling system.

Our wine cellar builders have designed numerous residential and commercial wine spaces. They have extensive knowledge and years of experience to truly help you in making the right decisions for your wine cellar refrigeration. We can discuss options like through the wall, ducted, split type cooling units and give you tips and information to avoid common problems like incorrect installation of vapor barrier and fluctuating temperature. 

At Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, we have different suppliers of wine cellar refrigeration systems: 

  • WhisperKool 
  • Wine Guardian   
  • CellarPro 
  • US Cellar Systems 

How We Choose the Most Ideal Wine Cellar Refrigeration System for Your Project

Our team will make a careful assessment of your needs to help us determine the best wine cooling system for your wine room. We will also perform a heat load calculation to help us identify the size, type, and capacity of the wine refrigeration unit that should be installed in your wine cellar.

The wrong choice of wine cooling unit will cause wine spoilage. We also consider the size and location of your wine room and the number of glasses in your wine cellar.

2. Racking Units for Your Prized Wine Bottles 

We at Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix understand that for your wine bottles to be admired and thought highly of, they should be displayed in such a way that only does so. Contrary to popular belief, a number of factors have to be thought of in choosing the best rack for your wine bottles because a wine rack should not only be constructed for display purposes but also for proper storage purposes.

The material used for your unit should not be cheap and second grade for it will be detrimental to your wines’ quality. We use exterior grade material from different wood species, including Redwood, Alder, and Mahogany. Let us know your preferences, and we will recommend the best type of wood for your wine racks. However, we will still follow your personal preferences.     

Another element on wine racks that our team is keen on is the potential occurrence of off-gassingWhen wood or other material finishes of your wine racks emit chemicals that could damage your wines, that is called Off-gassing. Let us help you protect your wine display in Phoenix, Arizona from off-gassing by talking to one of our specialists. Choose from our wide selection of wine racks from reputable brands and give your wine display that cutting-edge look. 

3. Different Lighting Fixtures to Cast Light Upon Your Collection 

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The right lighting systems in your wine cellar can help elevate its aesthetic appeal.

Deciding how to illuminate your wine room allows you to be creative and artistic but aside from that, you also need to weigh in the technicalities involved in choosing the right lighting for your storage space. Available in the market is a wide line-up of lighting fixtures but not all can be installed in a wine room. We have listed down below a few denouements your choice of lighting fixture would create for your own wine cellar: 

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a. Protect Your Wine Bottles 

Wine cellar lighting can very much affect the condition of your wine bottles. Wines, when exposed to ultraviolet rays, are subject to chemical reactions and some lighting fixtures, if not carefully chosen, emit such rays. Certain types of lighting systems also produce heat and have a considerable effect on the overall temperature of your wine cellar. 

At Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, we use and recommend LED lighting systems because they emit a minimal amount of heat

b. Highlight the Best Parts of Your Wine Display 

Lighting fixtures that put accentuation to the best parts of your wine display are highly at hand in the market. A track lighting system will undoubtedly guide any visiting party’s attention to your most prized bottles immediately and ribbon lights systematically installed behind wine racks will automatically add an outstanding flair to your wine bottles. 

c. Will Help You Conserve Energy 

Your choice of lighting fixtures to be installed in your wine cellar can heavily affect your energy consumption at home. Some types of lighting systems will allow you to control the brightness and manage the lighting in your room. 

Since LED lights do not emit too much heat, using them in your wine cellar will not affect the temperature inside the room. Installing other types of lighting systems will cause temperature fluctuations and force your wine cellar cooling system to work harder. The result is high-energy consumption.   

Our wine cellar experts can help you in deciding the best lighting system for your own plans – ones that will not only be safe for your collection but also give your wine room appeal the appeal of that extra sense of class and taste.  

Other Ideas for Added Pizzazz 

We, at Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix help in our client’s desire to have the best looking and highly aesthetic personal wine room. With this longing, we can be of service to you and offer ideas and suggestions to add to your wine room. A simple accent table or a hanging wall ornament, some paintings or murals if you want – we can discuss the things you want to add to your space that fully accent your own style and aesthetic. 

We can also add environment-friendly wine cellar features like flooring and tabletops made from reclaimed wine barrels. We recommend including wine barrel art, wine bar, cigar humidor, or some stonework in your design to make your wine cellar more personalized and unique.   

Talk to an Expert and Build Your Own Wine Cellar in Phoenix, Arizona 

Have a dull space in your home that you want to transform into your very own wine room? Or do you want to take your current wine display to a whole new level?

We at Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix are a team of highly skilled and experienced specialists when it comes to building and designing residential and commercial wine cellars. We use our knowledge, experience, passion, and creativity in every project that we do. We offer limitless design options to make your wine room stand out from the rest.    

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