Wine Cellar Design by Experts

Impressive Custom Wine Cellar Design

Impressive Custom Wine Cellar Design

The perfect wine cellar design can be yours when you work with an expert like Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix. Designing refrigerated wine rooms requires keen attention to detail and expertise. Our experienced and knowledgeable team has helped homeowners and entrepreneurs create an attractive and functional wine display and storage area for their prized vintages. We want our client’s wine cellar to stand out from the rest while keeping the wines securely.   

Innovative Wine Cellar Design for Residential and Commercial Wine Cellars  

A wine cellar design should be well thought out. When you seek the help of an expert, you will have peace of mind because you know that everything is in place and all of your requirements are going to be provided. Whether you are building a residential or commercial wine cellar, we have the perfect wine storage solution for you! 

At Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, our goal is to create an innovative wine cellar design for your collection. Since wine cellars for homes and businesses have different requirements, we make sure that we gather the information that will help us in creating a layout for every wine room.  

Benefits of a Well-Designed Residential Wine Cellar  

A well-designed wine cellar for your home will not only provide a safe place for your wines but also create an attractive wine display area for your collection. A stylish wine cellar can be an excellent place for entertaining friends and hosting wine-tasting parties.  

Moreover, it also adds aesthetic appeal and resale value to your property. One of the ways to attract potential homebuyers is to add a unique feature to your home. An elegant wine room will entice them to check out and consider your property as their new home.  

At Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, we use our creativity, passion, and expertise in creating stellar wine cellars designs that suit our client’s needs.  

Benefits of Having an Elegant Commercial Wine Cellar 

3D Custom Wine Cellar Design

3D Custom Wine Cellar Design

For a commercial setup, having an innovative wine cellar design for your restaurant, wine store, hotel, or bar will help general wine sales. Proper presentation of wines will create a good impression on your business. Additionally, a wine storage area built by a master builder will ensure that your wines are in good condition.  

Essential Processes in Designing Wine Cellars with Form and Function  

When designing wine cellars, Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix understands the importance of careful planning and keen attention to detail. It will help create a layout that will suit the specific requirements of our clients. We always want to exceed their expectations and make sure that we do our job the right way.   

Below is a list of procedures we follow to achieve impressive and high-quality results: 

  1. We will conduct a careful assessment of the client’s requirements. In this stage, we usually schedule an on-site visit to conduct an interview with you, check the location and size of the room you want to convert into a functional wine cellar, heat resources near the room, availability of an exhaust room, and your budget. Doing this correctly will help us determine the most suitable design and material for the racking, door, and flooring, as well as the ideal type of wine cooling unit for your wine cellar.    
  2. After gathering relevant information vital in creating a design for your wine cellar, we will create 3-dimensional drawings showing the various elevations of your completed wine cellar. The CAD images also show the racking styles, dimensions, and bottle capacities. We will send our design proposal to you, so you can review it and make changes as needed. Once you sent the design back to us, we will make the modifications you requested. After you have approved the design, we will start the construction process.  
  3. We will then prepare the wine room by framing it and installing the electrical wiring. If the wine cellar has to be equipped with a refrigeration system, we will add insulation and a vapor barrier. Keep in mind that the correct wine room preparation will help achieve the ideal wine storage conditions needed by your wines to preserve their desirable characteristics. Our team always ensures that we do every step the right way to prevent wine storage problems in the future.    

Designing the Wine Racks  

Wood and Metal Wine Racks

Wood and Metal Wine Racks

Wood Wine Racks  

Our storage units made from wood are readily built and available in various sizes and styles. If you have an odd-shaped wine room such as under the stairs, we recommend that you opt for custom wine racks. You can incorporate unique features into your wine rack design to create an impressive wine display.  

For example, you may want to add drawers and cabinets to your wooden racking for additional storage space. If you have a cigar smoker that you want to include in your racking display, you may request to add a cigar humidor into your wine cellar design. 

You may also add wine cellar arts and accessories such as murals, stonework, wine barrel art, wine barrel tabletops, wine barrel flooring, and a lot more. For maximum storage capacity, Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix recommends case storage bins and diamond bins. For commercial wine cellars, we usually install high-capacity wine racks to provide a wide range of choices to the customers.      

Metal Wine Cellar Racks  

We also offer metal wine racks for designing contemporary wine cellars. We work with top-notch suppliers of modern wine storage systems like VintageView and Ultra Wine Racks.  

Metal wine racks are also available in kit wine racks and custom wine storage units. With custom wine racks, you may choose the depth and style of your racking depending on your preference. For example, if you are building a wine room in a small or narrow space and you want your wine racks to be made, it is best to invest in a customized racking fit to your needs.  

We have freestanding, floor-to-ceiling, and wall-mounted metal wine racks from VintageView. Their products are in demand in wine cellar construction, especially in high-end dining establishments. They create the illusion of bottles floating in the air and are perfect for glass wine cellars.    

Wine storage systems from Ultra Wine Racks use durable pegs (metal or acrylic) and back panels. Two pegs can hold one bottle. You can customize the depth and the placement of your peg wine racks to achieve the look that you desire for your wall.    

Why Choose an Expert in Wine Cellar Design  

Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix is a top-notch builder of residential and commercial wine cellars. We will create a stellar wine cellar design that suits your needs and requirements. Why work with us?   

  • We have extensive experience and knowledge in designing functional and beautiful wine cellars.   
  • We have a keen attention to detail. 
  • We offer economical solutions to suit every budget.  
  • We use high-quality materials and commercial-grade components to ensure that your wine cellar will work efficiently.   
  • We provide excellent customer service from the beginning and until after-sales.  

If you need help designing your wine cellar, please do not hesitate to call us at (480) 409-1114