Easy Steps to Install Vintage View Wall Mount Metal Wine Racks

Your wine collection includes vintages you handpicked yourself. Each bottle is special to you, and this means you want the best for them. Your prized liquid gold deserves the finest kind of racks to rest on. The latest trend in wine storage design is modern minimalist. Create a contemporary cellar using label-forward metal racks from Vintage View.

Modern Minimalist Cellar Designs Using Metal Racks in Phoenix

Those who don’t understand your love for wine will never see the importance of investing in a quality storage structure. They will tell you to stock your favorite vintages in a closet in your kitchen or in a fridge. What they don’t get is that your beloved collection is so delicate that it needs to be kept in a climate-controlled location.

Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix teams up with Vintage View Storage Solutions to create modern minimalist wine rooms in Arizona.

You know your wines need to have a wine cellar. But, you’ve also been wondering what this storage system will look like. Your prized bottles shouldn’t be kept in anything less than the best. That’s when you turn to look for the latest trend in wine room designs.

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Click for a larger view of the image!Modern minimalist is the hippest design today for custom wine cellars, both for homes and businesses. To build this kind of wine room, you need to utilize products that will help create a contemporary ambiance. Metal wine displays from Vintage View Storage Solutions are the most ideal racking systems to achieve the posh cellar style you are aiming for.

Wall Mounted Metal Wine Racks by Vintage View

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The Wall Series is a patented collection of label-forward metal wine racks. These racking systems are offered in various finish options so that you can customize the appearance of your displays.

If you’re looking for that chic and current aesthetic style for your cellar, you’ll never go wrong with Vintage View Storage Solution’s Wall Series. This series is a collection of state-of-the-art metal wine racks made from the most durable steel.

The Wall Series steel displays are among the most sought-after wall-mounted racks. If you are passionate about contemporary style, you will most certainly fall in love with the designs. The label-forward configuration of the racking system is helpful, especially for those who have collections that are over a hundred bottles. This design makes it easy to identify your favorite vintages. You won’t have to scour through the displays looking for a certain bottle, because all of the wine labels are facing you.

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Vintage View Wine Racks offer the most durable steel displays in Phoenix, Arizona. If you’re looking for a contemporary style for your cellar, the Wall Series metal racking collection is the best choice for you!

You have the option to customize the look of these metal wine racks. You can choose from a variety of finish options, such as black chrome, chrome-plated, satin black, and brushed nickel. This patented steel racking series also has options for all bottle sizes, from standard 750ml wines to large-format bottles.

Here is the Installation Video Guide for the Wall Series Metal Racks:

What You Need to Prepare:

  1. Wall Series base and neck strip
  2. Spiral drywall anchors
  3. Mounting hole caps
  4. Toggle bolts
  5. Couplers
  6. Screws
  7. Phillips head screwdriver
  8. Drill and appropriate bits
  9. Tape Measure
  10. Pencil
  11. Level

Step 1

First, lay out the wall where you want to install the metal wine racks. Start at least 2 ¾ inches from the wall and mark the location of the first strip. Measure 7 inches from the centerline to the placement of the other strip.

If you plan to install multiple columns, a minimum of 5 ½ inches is necessary from the outside strip of one column to the inside strip of the next.

Step 2

Hold the strip against the wall, centered on the first mark at the appropriate height. Then, once the rack is level, mark the locations of the holes.

Step 3

The next step is to install the anchors. If you are installing through drywall, drill a pilot hole first. If, during drilling, you hit a stud, fasten the metal racks directly to the stud using screws.

For top holes, drill a 13/32 inch hole for the toggle bolt. For the bottom holes, screw the spiral drywall anchors to the cellar wall at the marked locations. Do this until the anchor head is flush with the wall.

Step 4

It’s time to hang the strips. To install the first strip, remove the expanding nuts from the toggle bolts, and insert bolts through the top mounting hole. Thread the expanding nut wings facing the bolt head, and push the expanding nut gently through the 13/32 inch drill hole. Make sure the wings fully expand.

Ensure that the rack aligns properly with the bottom spiral anchors before you begin tightening the bolt. Secure the rest of the strip using the bottom mounting screws. Tighten the toggle bolts well.

If you’re stacking more than two metal wine racks, remove the end plug before installing. For wood installations, you can screw directly into all marked holes.

Step 5

Once the first strip is in place, you may hang the second strip. Simply repeat the procedure in step number 4, center it with the mark on the wall, and ensure that the tops of the strips are level.

Step 6

By this time, you are ready to stack your Wall Series metal wine racks. Install the mounting hole caps and stack the racks by replacing the end plug with the couplers. Then, you may start adding your wine bottles.

Cellar Design Ideas: Get Expert Advice from a Wine Builder in Phoenix

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