Set Up Your Commercial Cellar and Start Your Wine Store in Phoenix, Arizona!

Click on this image for a larger view!You’ve been a collector of wines and various vintages for quite some time now. This time around you’ve been thinking of venturing into the business world by starting your own wine store in Phoenix. You have good taste in wine, you know which labels are most sought after on the market, and so why not have a commercial cellar built and put up your own wine shop, right? Nope! You’re not quite ready yet. There are more things to consider when planning to be a wine entrepreneur in Arizona

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Planning to Open a Wine Store: Where to Begin and What to Consider?

Click on this image for a larger view!Jesus turned water into wine, but you can turn wine into something else — you can convert wine into dollar bills! How? Get into the business of selling wine! Putting up a wine store is a smart idea to earn good money, but how do you start? What are the considerations? Here are a few tips:

1. Cover the Basics of Starting a Small Wine Business in Arizona

The process of starting a wine store is the same as opening any type of retail business in Arizona. You first need to decide on what business structure you want to have – whether you want to be the sole owner of the company or you want to have a partner. Then, once you’ve decided what entity to form, you need to create a business plan that includes all the details needed to run the enterprise successfully for at least five years. Your business plan encompasses getting all the necessary licenses from the right agencies and establishing where you will get financing for the store.

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2. Decide on What Kind of Wine Store You Want to Put Up

Click on this image for a larger view!A wine retail business can either be a wine mega-market or simply a neighborhood shop. You have to decide which type you want to start. As a novice entrepreneur, there are three options for you to choose from when entering the wine business world: 1) you can purchase an existing wine store, 2) you can get franchise rights to an established wine boutique and open a branch in your area, or 3) you can start a new and independent wine shop.

There is no right or wrong answer to which type of wine store you want to start. It’s really up to you. To make the best decision, you just need to evaluate yourself and your resources. A new and independent neighborhood wine store is a lot less expensive than the other options. If you want to start small, this could be the best option for you.

3. Select the Location for Your Small Wine Business

Click on this image for a larger view!Those who are in the business world know that the most important consideration when starting a store is location, location, location! Choose your location wisely because where you place your shop will affect your sales. Generally, wine stores attract upscale customers. If your store is situated in a cheap strip or in the industrial part of your area, you might have difficulty attracting buyers.

When selecting the spot to put up a wine store, you should also consider having a parking area. You want the entire shopping experience for your clients to be an efficient and comfortable one. Ease of parking, typically, attracts potential customers. 

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There are cases wherein you don’t need to worry about the location of your store. For example, if you’re franchising a popular and well-established wine boutique, like Arlequin Wine Merchant or Biondivino, then you will have no problem getting crowds to flock to your shop no matter where in Phoenix you open.

4. Set Up Your Inventory and Your Suppliers 

Click on this image for a larger view!The length of time that you’ve been a collector has given you enough experience to know which wines are most in-demand on the market. You already have a list of wines to display in your commercial wine cellar. The next challenge for you is to find where you’re going to get your products. Identifying the source of your wines isn’t just about finding a supplier. This is more about getting a vendor that can provide you with the list of products at a price that allows you to earn a profit.

It’s imperative that you choose a vendor who can commit to being punctual and maintaining the quality of their products. A supplier that can deliver your wines on time will help keep your customers satisfied. Your supply of wines largely determines whether your business will succeed or not, because your reputation as a shop is only as good as your products and your services. For example, if you have a customer who plans to celebrate his golden birthday, and he orders five bottles of his favorite vintages from your store. If your vendor delivers the products late, you won’t be able to give that customer his order on time. Not only will you get bad feedback from one person, but potential clients could also be turned off after hearing the testimonies of dissatisfied customers.

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5. Appearance Matters – Consider the Design of Your Store and Your Cellar

Click on this image for a larger view!Good businesses think about all the possible strategies to draw customers to their stores, and that includes the appearance of the shop. You must plan the interior and exterior design of your wine boutique so that you attract potential clients to come in.

As for the commercial cellar in your store, you should consult a wine storage design expert. Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, for example, is one of the most trusted builders in Arizona.

Commercial Cellar Design Specialist for Wine Stores in Phoenix, Arizona

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