A Growing Wine Collection Deserves a Home – Hire a Master Cellar Builder in Phoenix AZ

There are various types of solutions for storing your wines. The right storage facility for your wines depends on many factors, one of them includes the number of bottles in your collection. If you own more than a thousand wines, the best storage system for your liquid gems is a wine cellar. A cellar built in your own home can provide you easy access to your favorite bottles anytime. A client in Phoenix, AZ, had recently hired our team to build him a home wine cellar with a 4,010-bottle capacity.  

Phoenix, AZ, Client Hires Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix for a Storage Construction Project in His Home 

We, at Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, have a long list of experiences in building all kinds of wine storage facilities. There is no construction project too big or too small for our team of contractors. This recent project we completed in Phoenix, AZ, is one of the biggest wine cellars that we have ever built.  

The client in this project is an avid wine collector. He has gathered the best wines from various vineyards and wineries all over the country. He owns over a thousand wine bottles, and his collection is continually expanding.  

This Phoenix, AZ wine enthusiast called our team of master builders because he wanted us to construct a massive wine cellar that could accommodate his continually growing collection. He wanted a storage facility that was not only functional and dependable but also aesthetically superior.  

Our team of designers met with the client and visited the construction site. After gathering all the needed information, our team created a series of 3-dimensional wine cellar drawings. The proposed wine cellar was going to have a capacity of 4,010 bottles. We presented these drawings to the client so that he can have a better visualization of the planned construction. When he approved the design, we began building.  

The Distinctive Features of this Phoenix, AZ Home Custom Wine Cellar 

The client had an exquisite taste not only in wines but also in his cellar design. So, we created a unique wine cellar for him with distinctive features that would match his style and preferences. 

An Assortment of Wine Racking Styles, Including a Waterfall Display! 

Click on photo for a larger view of the file!This Phoenix, AZ wine cellar features a 66-inch long waterfall display, 36 wood case openings, true radius curved corners, and a 136-magnum bottle capacity. All wine racking systems in this storage facility were made from architectural grade Heart Redwood. We applied the wood with a satin finish to accentuate the material’s natural beauty.  

Our builders efficiently maximized the space in the cellar by installing double deep wine racks. The double deep racking systems had a total depth of 27 inches. Each slot could accommodate two bottles, which makes this style of racking ideal for bulk storage.  

The focal point of this home wine cellar is the cascading waterfall display. This racking system is 5 feet long and has stair-like steps that descend into a small tabletop area. We installed a set of shelves below the tabletop, which was meant to provide additional storage space.  

Click on photo for a larger view of the file!We built a countertop feature in the cellar, which was intended to provide an area for decanting and serving wines.  

On the entire length of the interior walls, we installed individual storage racks with a high reveal display row. The high reveal wine rack display keeps bottles tilted at a 15-degree angle, which provides full visibility of the wine labels.  

Our team also installed 36 wood case openings. All of these wooden openings were designed with rolling shelves so that they can easily be rolled out.  

Wine racks with large openings were included in this cellar to accommodate magnum-sized bottles. A total of 136 large-format wines can be accommodated in this storage facility. 

All of the wine racking systems used in this project rest on a 1 ½” toe-kick, which is important in keeping the bottles off the floor to protect them from damage.  

To maximize the storage space, we also utilized the corner areas of this Phoenix, AZ residential cellar. We installed radius curved racks on the corners. Corner racks create an illusion of a streamlined and seamless racking system. With a true radius curved corner rack, there is no segmented or angled appearance in the corners of a cellar.  

Click on photo for a larger view of the file!A Gorgeous Barolo Style Entryway for the Phoenix, AZ Wine Cellar 

The door is the first feature of a wine cellar that you and your guests will see. Therefore, the door should give a preview of what to expect inside the cellar. The door in this Phoenix, AZ cellar project, for example, perfectly matches the overall design of the wine cellar. It was a posh Barolo-style wine cellar glass door. 

The dual-pane glass was used in building this door because this type of glass provides better insulation and prevents condensation build-up. An automatic door bottom was affixed to the bottom edge of the door. This mechanical device ensures that the gap at the bottom of the entry door is completely sealed. The device has a retractable feature that pops up when the entryway is opened, and it snaps back down when the door is closed. Besides providing an efficient seal, an automatic door bottom also prevents damage to the cellar flooring.  

Click on photo for a larger view of the file!Commercial Grade HVAC System from Wine Guardian 

No wine cellar can serve its purpose properly without a dependable cooling system installed. An efficient refrigeration unit can keep the temperature and humidity inside a cellar at the ideal wine storage levels.  

In the Phoenix, AZ home wine cellar, our team of experts installed a Wine Guardian D050 cooling system. The equipment is a self-contained ducted air handler that can effectively cool spaces that are 800 to 3,000 cubic feet in size. This robust HVAC system has a maximum capacity of 5,570 BTU/h, which is equivalent to 1.62 kW. 

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