Phoenix Home Wine Cellar with Impressive Wine Racks

Phoenix Home Wine Cellar with Elegant Racking Features

Phoenix Home Wine Cellar with Elegant Racking Features

A group of master builders in Scottsdale, led by Jake Austad, renovated a Phoenix home wine cellar using elegant custom wine racks. The wood and metal components made the wine room unique and more functional. Learn more about the elegant wine racks and other features incorporated into the wine cellar design.  

Phoenix Home Wine Cellar with Elegant Custom Wine Racks Designed by Experts  

Designing and building a wine cellar requires technical skills and extensive knowledge. The wine racks play a crucial role in the overall appearance of a wine room. Therefore, it is best to consult with a specialist to ensure that the design and material for your racking systems suit your preferences and needs.   

For many years, Custom Wine Cellars Scottsdale has been providing innovative wine storage solutions to homeowners who want a beautiful and safe wine cellar for their collection. They have proven their creativity in designing unique wine racks.   

A repeat client contacted Custom Wine Cellars Scottsdale, asking for help to renovate their existing wine cellar with a wet bar, which we built about six years ago. Led by Jake Austad, the team of master builders did their best to exceed the expectations of the client.  

They made a careful assessment of the client’s needs, so they would be able to incorporate all the features into the wine cellar design. After the client approved the design proposal, they started creating 3-dimensional drawings that would help visualize the completed wine room.  

They created a new design for the wine storage system using custom wine racks. They decided to combine wine racks made from wood and metal to create a unique wine room. The features they incorporated into the design made the wine room the focal point of the living area. 

Features of the Custom Wine Racks Designed Specifically for a Phoenix Home Wine Cellar 

Label-forward Metal Wine Racks Phoenix Home Wine Cellar

Phoenix Home Wine Cellar with Label-Forward Metal Wine Racks

Customizing your wine racks allows you to add a personalized touch to the design and incorporate features that you want to enhance the aesthetic quality of your Phoenix home wine cellar. We collaborate with top-notch builders of beautiful residential wine cellars like Custom Wine Cellars Scottsdale.   

In this project, their design team created a racking system intended to accommodate 700 bottles. They installed wood and metal wine racks to meet the needs of the homeowners who wanted to have a wine display that they could show off to their guests.  

Wood Wine Racks   

Incorporating wood into any interior creates a timeless appeal and warm ambiance that enhance the drinking experience. Wood wine racks allow design flexibility, making them ideal for small to large wine cellars, and they can also blend well with any existing décor.  

In this particular project, Jake and his team installed wood wine racks on the back and right walls. Upon entering this Phoenix home wine cellar, you will see the half-height wooden wine rack across the door. It consists of a counter top for serving and decanting wines. Below it are solid diamond bins at the center and individual wine racks on both sides.  

They added an exterior window above the wine rack. Since there was no direct sunlight getting through the window, they did not treat the window to reduce heat and UV light transmission. Adding a blackout shade is recommended.  

Jake also installed wood wine racks on the right wall. They incorporated a tabletop with single bottle storage and wooden case bins below it. Each opening has runners to allow the cases to slide smoothly without scratching the wood wine racks in this Phoenix home wine cellar.    

You will find different racking styles in the top section. There is an angle-display row with LED strip lighting above it and some horizontal display openings for large-format bottles. Removable trays were added, a smaller tray at the front and a taller tray at the back, creating a cascading display of the wine bottles. The builders added more individual wine racks to the top racking. Above it is a wooden grill cover where the evaporator coil of the wine cooling unit is hidden.  

The wine racks are made from Light Oak, a type of wood known for its strength and durability. The wood exhibits a prominent grain pattern, which adds character to the wine racks. Moreover, Light Oak is highly resistant to fungi, wear, tear, and water. It can go well with any stains and polishes. In this project, the wood wine racks were left unfinished.   

Metal Wine Racks   

Wine Racks Designed for a Phoenix Home Wine Cellar

The metal wine racks in this Phoenix home wine cellar can be found on the left wall. These modern wine racks were supplied by VintageView and designed to attract attention. VintageView is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of metal wine storage systems. Their products are made from high-quality materials and designed for installation flexibility. They have wall-mounted, floor-to-ceiling, and standalone wine racks.    

In this home wine cellar installation project in Phoenix, Jake and his team mounted a floor-to-ceiling metal frame to support the single-deep wine racks. Triple-deep metal wine racks were also available, but they thought these would not be a good option considering the limited space. 

Other modern wine storage systems you may install in your Phoenix home wine cellar are the Cable Wine Systems, which make use of high-grade tension sets, cables, and clamps.  

Let Our Experts Design Attractive Wine Racks for Your Phoenix Home Wine Cellar 

Are you planning to start your wine room project? Let us design and install unique wine racks in your Phoenix home wine cellar. Our team is composed of creative designers, and we work with top-notch builders who have extensive experience and knowledge in wine cellar construction.  

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