Modern Wine Cellars for Phoenix Homes

Arctic Metalworks Creates Stunning and Modern Home Wine Cellars

Many of our Phoenix clients are interested in modern wine cellars for their homes. Here is a beautiful example of a modern dining room cellar built by one of our partners in California. David Gype and his team at Arctic Metalworks did an amazing job creating this wine room for their client. Are you curious about adding a contemporary wine cellar to your own Phoenix home? Take a look at this project, and then give us a call to talk about it. 


Tour a Glass Wine Cellar in Orange County

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Experts in Modern Wine Cellars Creates a Sleek Wine Room That You Might Want for Your Home in Phoenix 

Experts Build Modern Wine Cellars in Phoenix

Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix collaborates with Arctic Metalworks in building modern wine cellars in California. David Gype is the owner and lead designer of Arctic Metalworks. Recently, his team built a wine room packed with elegant features that will envy guests.  

They worked closely with the homeowners so they could determine the specific needs and requirements for the project. After the assessment, they created a plan and design layout, considering all the factors that would have a significant impact on the overall appeal and functionality of the wine room.  

The Arctic team installed the correct insulation for the walls using polyurethane and a vapor barrier. Doing these methods the right way will prevent temperature fluctuations and mold growth in the wine cellar.   

Wine Rack Design for One of the Most Inspiring Modern Wine Cellars: Ideal for Your Phoenix Home 

The small size of the room did not hinder Arctic Metalworks from creating a minimalist wine display area. The stylish design for the wine racks will make you want to work with experts in modern wine cellars for your Phoenix project. With their creativity and keen attention to detail, they were able to transform the room into a luxurious-looking wine cellar. They combined metal, wood, and glass components.  

VintageView Metal Wine Racks: Recommended by Master Builders of Modern Wine Cellars in Phoenix 

Metal is an essential element in creating modern wine cellars. In this particular project, Arctic Metalworks installed metal wine racks from VintageView. For many years, we have been using VintageView’s modern wine storage systems for our projects in Phoenix.   

David Gype and his team mounted the metal wine racks on the sidewalls. With a label forward orientation, the labels are facing out, making it easier for the owners and their guests to look for a specific type of wine.  

Unlike the traditional bottle openings in wooden wine racks, you have to pull out the bottle to see the wine description. Doing so will disturb the sediments settled on one side of the bottle and affect the texture and taste of the wine.  

The modern wine racks from VintageView are secured in a wooden backing to provide strength for bearing the weight of the bottles. The panel is in light-colored wood, creating contrast with the dark metal wine racks.  

Wood Wine Racks Designed with Form and Function  

Metal Custom Wine Racks – Ideal for Modern Wine Cellars in Phoenix

Some people think that modern wine cellars can be achieved only by incorporating pure metal and glass elements. With the help of a professional like Arctic Metalworks, anything is possible. In this project, they installed wood wine racks on the back wall.     

They added a rectangular opening with a brick-style mirror as the backdrop. It is surrounded by small square bottle openings for storing bottles in a neck-forward orientation. It comes with a tabletop intended for decanting and serving wines. They also included rectangular bins to provide storage space for more bottles, wine accessories, and accouterments of the owners.  

Wine Cooling System: a Crucial Component in Modern Wine Cellars According to Phoenix Experts  

Wine Cellar Cooling System Modern Wine Cellars Phoenix

A beautiful wine room will not function effectively if there is no efficient wine cooling system. Therefore, choosing the right size and type of refrigeration unit is of utmost importance. Consulting with an HVAC specialist will ensure the most suitable climate control unit is installed in your wine room.   

Master builders like Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix and Arctic Metalworks perform a heat load calculation to determine BTUs needed for the project. When done correctly, it will help us decide what size of the wine refrigeration system to install. We also ensure the proper placement of the unit to maximize the capacity of the wine cellar.  

In this project, the Arctic team utilized a split-type wine cooling system. The evaporator was placed inside the wine room above the racking on the left wall. It is hidden in a removable wood grill cover made of the same wood used for the racking. The condenser (the noisier component) is located outside the home, allowing for a quiet operation.  

Wine Cellar Lighting System: Adding a Dramatic Effect to the Residential Wine Cellar   

The lighting system must be designed and chosen carefully to achieve the ambiance or mood that the homeowners want in their modern wine cellars in Phoenix. It can make or break the overall look of a wine room. In this impressive home wine cellar project completed by Arctic Metalworks, a chandelier was recessed at the center of the ceiling to illuminate the whole wine cellar beautifully.   

Work with Experts in Building Modern Wine Cellars in Phoenix Homes  

Our team has been building modern wine cellars in Phoenix for many years. We work with top-notch designers and installers to help wine collectors build their dream wine room according to their budget.  

Are you looking for a professional wine cellar builder or have any questions about designing wine rooms or HVAC refrigeration? Please call us at (480) 409-1114 


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