Ideal Cooling System for Arizona Residential Wine Cellars

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A Climate-Controlled Wine Cellar is the Safest Place for Your Wines

How will you ensure that your favorite vintages are kept in a safe storage place? Optimal conditions are needed for wine to mature gracefully.

Learn what to look for in choosing a cooling system for your Arizona residential wine cellar, and why US Cellar Systems is used by master builders, such as Wine Cellars by Coastal

A Refrigeration System is Essential in Keeping Wine Safe

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A refrigeration system can be installed in various locations and configurations. Ideally, the system should be quiet, invisible, and serviceable.

The wine refrigeration system is an integral part of your home wine cellar. Without it, the room where you store your collection will not function as it should.

The right cooling equipment will preserve the wine’s complex flavors and aromas.

It is important that your chosen wine cellar builder determine all your storage needs and requirements before choosing the type of cooling system. These include the size and location of the room to be used for the project and the number of bottles you intend to age.

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The Right Wine Cooling Refrigeration System Should be Installed by a Professional

Careful assessment of these requirements will ensure that your collection is kept in a climate-controlled environment.

With so many brands of wine refrigeration systems available in the market, it is not easy to determine the most suitable unit for your wine room. It pays to find an expert who can help you cool your home wine cellar efficiently, and quietly.

Wine Cellars by Coastal, a top-notch builder servicing Arizona, considers many factors in selecting the appropriate refrigeration system for their clients. It is the company’s goal to provide the safest environment for your magnificent collection.

You invest time and money for your collection, thus it is vital that the most suitable wine cooling system is installed in your home wine cellar.

US Cellar Systems–a Trusted Brand of Cooling Units in Arizona Residential Wine Cellar Installation

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One of the leading manufacturers of quality wine cooling units, US Cellar Systems, has built a good reputation in the wine cellar industry. It is because of their products’ high-end performance, versatility, and unique style.

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US Cellar Systems the U.S.s only trade-only wine cellar refrigeration systems supplier.

Wine Cellars by Coastal, a top-notch builder in Arizona, uses and recommends US Cellar Systems’ cooling products. This brand of refrigeration system has many benefits.

Optimal Cooling and Superior Efficiency

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Find Wine Cellar Cooling Units That Will Give You The Flexibility to Wow Your Clients.

You do not want to have damaged wine in your collection due to unstable conditions. Temperature fluctuations and wrong humidity levels will cause unpleasant flavors and aromas in wine. To avoid wine faults, it is vital to purchase a wine refrigeration system that can cool your cellar efficiently.

Wine cellar refrigeration units from US Cellar Systems are designed to operate with superior efficiency. They are able to maintain the ideal wine storage temperature, which is 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit, and a humidity level of 60-70%. These conditions are necessary for the proper maturation of wine.

Wine Cellars by Coastal trusts US Cellar Systems in providing Arizona residential wine cellars optimal cooling.

Less Noise

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Ductless Split Wine Cellar Cooling System

The noise produced by your cooling system will make your home wine cellar less than ideal for entertaining guests. You want your wine room to be as quiet as possible while you and your friends are enjoying your favorite glass of wine.

US Cellar Systems cooling units produce minimal or no noise at all. Choose US Cellar Systems’ Dual-Air Quiet Series, High Static Series, or Low Profile-Quiet Series wine cooling system if you want to achieve minimal noise in your wine cellar.

Space Saver

In wine cellar construction, one of the goals is to create a design that maximizes storage space. There are refrigeration systems that occupy space in your wine cellar. Most US Cellar Systems cooling units can be installed in a remote location, freeing up valuable space in your wine room. This is a perfect option for homes, apartments, or condominiums where space is limited.

Other Special Features of US Cellar Systems Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Your wine cellar refrigeration system should also have these special features that make wine collecting enjoyable and convenient:

  • Easy access to drain pan
  • Air-defrosting coil requires no additional heater
  • Rust-proof and insulated aluminum housing
  • Factory-wired for easy installation
  • Thermally protected lubricated motor
  • Pressure tested for quality
  • Automatic expansion valve installed to achieve humidity balance
  • Pump-down solenoid valve installed to protect compressor in the event of leaks

Contact an Expert for Your Wine Cellar Cooling Needs

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