Wine Cellar Construction – Part of the Beautiful Changes in a Home Renovation Project in New Village, Phoenix 

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We built this residential wine cellar as part of a house renovation project in San Rafael.

Home renovations are meant not only to fix areas that need repair but also to improve the overall design and aesthetics of the house. When homeowners decide to renovate their houses, they often decide to add accents to the property, such as a new room, an extra bathroom, a bar counter, and more. In a recent project in New Village, the client wanted a wine cellar built as an added feature to their newly renovated house.

Building a Wine Cellar to Accentuate a Newly Renovated Home in San Rafael

In New Village, a neighborhood in Phoenix, a homeowner had his house renovated. As part of this renovation project, his basement needed to be fully finished. The client called our team of experts, here at Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix, to turn his basement into a residential wine cellar.

It is our standard operating procedure to meet with our clients so that we can discuss the cellar construction plan. We met with the New Village cellar client to determine his storage needs and design requirements. He expressed that he had a limited budget for the cellar’s construction. Our designers made sure that the wine room we planned to build was within the client’s budget window.

Our design experts created a set of 3-dimensional sketches of the planned wine cellar and presented it to the client. The proposed wine cellar was one that could accommodate approximately 1,003 wine bottles. As soon as the client approved the design, our contractors began with the construction.

A Cost-Effective and Functional Design for a Gorgeous Home Wine Cellar

We started the project by choosing a corner of the basement that would be turned into the actual wine room. In choosing which corner to use, we had to consider having a space close to it that would serve as the area where the cooling unit would vent warm air to.

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Installation of Vapor Barrier and Insulation

Once we selected the area for construction, we started framing the room. After the framing was complete, the whole cellar, including its floor, was sealed and insulated. Climate-controlled storage structures, like custom wine cellars, need to be properly sealed and applied with the appropriate insulation. Without the right seal and insulation, the temperature and humidity inside the wine room cannot be kept at the ideal levels. Wines can easily spoil when stored outside the ideal storage temperature and humidity.

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After framing the wine room, we installed a vapor barrier and insulation in the wine cellar.

A Combination of Wine Rack Types Used

To keep the construction of this San Rafael residential wine cellar within the client’s budget window, we used a combination of wine racks, such as a 6-foot kit racking and individual storage racking.

We installed a kit racking system, which was a 6-foot series of semi-custom racks. To create a more customized look, we also added custom-built cellar features. The racks were made from Mahogany and applied with a natural finish.

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We also installed individual storage racks in this project. There were three variations of single bottle storage racks, and these include those that were slightly slanted at a 15-degree angle, label forward racks, and a high reveal display row. Adding a display row to a wine cellar is an efficient bottle management tool. A collector can simply store wines above and below the displayed label. The display row also is an opportunity for wine cellar owners to showcase their most prized bottles.

One of the focal points of this cellar was the custom-built table top made from solid Redwood with a clear lacquer finish. A stem rack was placed above this table top for storing wine glasses. We installed a lattice diamond bin storage underneath, which is meant for storing large format bottles and bulk storage. Lattice was used instead of a solid diamond bin storage, in order to cut down on costs. A 1” x 12” solid piece of Redwood is quite expensive!

On the left wall of the wine room, our team of builders created a window, so that guests can view the client’s fantastic collection from outside the cellar. We used dual pane glass for the window to make sure that the cellar is kept tightly sealed. Moreover, dual pane glass helps minimize condensation.

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Wine cellar window using dual-pane glass.

Our expert builders made sure that the transition of the racking systems from one wall to another was seamless. That is why we installed a true radius curved wine rack.

The client also added a wine barrel at the center of the cellar to add an accent to the wine room. The barrel was meant to be used as a tasting area for guests.

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Wine barrel tasting area.

A Gorgeous Custom Wine Cellar Door

We installed a beautiful door for this home wine cellar in New Village. The door was a pre-fit Barolo-style entryway with a dual-pane glass center panel. This robust door was installed with weather stripping to ensure that the cool air will be kept inside the cellar. We also included an automatic door sweep to make sure that the room was tightly sealed.

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This Barolo-style custom wine cellar door was custom-designed to create a gorgeous entryway to the storage room.

Installation of a High-Grade Wine Cellar Cooling System

Our contractors installed a self-contained through-the-wall refrigeration unit in this wine cellar. The cooling system exhausts warm air and noise into the space adjacent to the cellar.

Custom Wine Cellars Designed by a Master Builder in Phoenix

Custom Wine Cellars Phoenix is one of the leading wine storage builders in Arizona. Our team of experts has constructed various types of wine rooms for homes and businesses. It has always been our priority to provide our clients with high-quality services, and through the years we have always kept a consistent reputation of keeping our customers happy. For more information about our products and services, contact us today at +1(480) 409-1114!