This Contemporary Style Residential Wine Cellar in Phoenix Will Blow You Away!

Can’t decide what style you want for your wine cellar? There are a plethora of design inspirations in our designs gallery, and all of them seem to be beautiful. It can be hard to choose what you really want. Traditional? Modern? Wooden? Glass? Metal? What about having a contemporary-style wine room that is a fusion of various designs? That is exactly what a wine collector in Phoenix did! A combination of different inspirations helped us create for this client a truly unique and gorgeous residential wine cellar! 

A Fusion of Styles: Stunning Wine Cellar Design for a Client in Phoenix

In a project that we completed in Phoenix earlier this year, the client had in mind a very interesting idea for a wine cellar design – a fusion of various design inspirations to create a truly unique style.  

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The client’s home in Phoenix, Arizona.


Our team of designers met with the client in her home to check the area to be converted into a wine cellar. We also had a thorough consultation with her, so that we could create a complete set of 3D sketches for the proposed design. We presented a number of proposals to the client, and after several revisions, she finally found a design that satisfied her. As soon as she approved the design, we began preparing the room for the construction of her dream wine cellar. 

The plan was to build an 11’x 8’x 9.5’ wine cellar space. To achieve this, our contractors had to tear down the wall that was in between the room and the dining area. We then began framing the room according to the design blueprint. Our builders applied a vapor barrier and proper insulation as well.   



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Key Features of this Uniquely Designed Contemporary Wine Cellar 

The residential custom wine cellar we built for this client in Phoenix was designed to accommodate up to 1,692 bottles. Its unique features include the following: 

1. Stylish Wooden Wine Racks 

Our team used wooden wine racks in this project, made from Mahogany, which is one of the most popular choices for wine cellar construction. To enhance the beauty of the racks, a rustic stain and lacquer finish was applied.  

There was a combination of racking styles used in this cellar for two purposes – to provide a tasteful way of showcasing the client’s most prized bottles and to maximize the available space in the room. Along the entire length of the wine room, we mounted

individual storage racks with a high display row. The single bottle racks can accommodate standard-sized wines. A gorgeous LED lighting system was installed along the display row to provide dramatic illumination for the featured wines.  

To provide a space for bulk storage, our team also installed half diamond bins and diamond cubes in the wine cellar. These diamond bins allowed the brick veneer back wall to be seen, which added flair to the cellar’s style.  

An elegant tabletop area was built right across from the entryway. This tabletop provides visibility to the herringbone masonry brick design that our builders created.  

Rectangular openings were incorporated in the wine racking to accommodate magnums and other large-format wines. Label forward displays were also mounted near the glass walls. This assortment of racking styles made the cellar look very interesting.  

2. A Seamless Glass Wall and Herculite Wine Cellar Door 

The designers wanted to achieve a modern appearance, and that is why a seamless glass wall was included in the cellar. This glass wall provided the client and her guests a view of the fantastic wine collection from outside the cellar.  

To match the glass wall and create an unobstructed view of the wine room, our expert builders installed a half-inch thick, clear Herculite door. This kind of entryway is made of frameless glass. The type of glass used is robust and can withstand strong impacts.  

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3. Napa Valley Reclaimed Oak Wine Barrel Flooring 

One of the most striking features of this Phoenix residential wine cellar is its distinctive flooring. Our team used reclaimed oak wine barrels from Napa Valley for the cellar floor. The natural aroma of the wine that was originally stored in the barrels filled the cellar atmosphere.  

There are different parts of a wooden barrel, and each part has its own unique characteristic. In this project, we used the barrel’s staves, which are the strips of wood that make up the sides of the barrel. The metal hoops that once held the barrel together are still embedded on the staves. These indentions on the wood add a beautiful character to the wine cellar flooring.  

4. Dependable HVAC System 

To ensure that the temperature and humidity inside the cellar are kept at the ideal wine storage levels, our team installed a commercial-grade refrigeration system from Arctic Metalworks. The equipment was a split wine cellar cooling unit that has its evaporator and condenser housed separately. This kind of HVAC configuration ensures that the cooling system operates quietly.  

The evaporator unit was installed inside the cellar, while the condenser was kept at a distance, in a separate room. To conceal the evaporator, a louvered grill was built from the same wood that the racks were made of.  

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